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Phasmophobia Ascension Hotfix v0.9.0.10, Patch Notes and more

Phasmophobia, the critically acclaimed ghost-hunting game that has taken the gaming community by storm, recently introduced its expansion, Phasmophobia Ascension. With the immersive nature of its virtual reality interface, the play continues to bridge the gap between realism and digital gameplay. The recent Hotfix v0.9.0.10 brought in a series of enhancements and fixes.

Phasmophobia Ascension Hotfix Notes


  • Improved VR target priority
  • Improved VR grab performance, accuracy and reliability
  • To fix a UI bug, the VR journal is now bright when grabbed
  • Further optimisations to Sunny Meadows
  • Changed the rendering path back to Forward from Forward+ due to graphical issues
  • Optimised Maple Campsite
  • Optimised VR cpu usage across all maps


  • You can now close tent doors again
  • You can no longer exploit custom difficulty multipliers by not applying it
  • You will now drain sanity when the fuse box is off when the room light is turned on
  • Player cards and scrollable areas will now look correct in the journal in VR
  • The ghost can now kill you near the front door of High School
  • The ghost can no longer move outside of the playable area in Woodwind
  • Obake will now correctly make footstep sounds during hunts
  • UV Light T1 will no longer roll around on the floor infinitely
  • The VR teleport movement distance circles are visible again
  • The VR highlight reticule is now visible again
  • Sunny Meadows wheelchair sounds now show on parabolic microphones
  • You can no longer teleport through walls in VR with teleport movement
  • You will no longer drop your held items in VR if another VR player drops their Journal
  • The cost of UV Light T1 is now correctly $35 to match the other tiers
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