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Pokémon GO avatars turning dark and maps going blank glitches, other visual bugs report

Trainers, if you’ve already updated your Pokémon GO to version 0.281.0, you might have stumbled upon a few hiccups. Based on community reports, it looks like this latest update isn’t as smooth as we’d hoped. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

The update, released on August 29th in North America and August 30th in Europe and Japan, is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. With a file size of 102MB for Android, the patch notes promise “Minor bug fixes and performance improvement.” But ironically, it seems to introduce more bugs than it fixes.

What kinds of visual bugs are we talking about? Well:

  • Your avatar may turn completely dark/black – like some kind of phantom. Spooky, right?
  • Good luck trying to read the in-game announcements; they’re practically invisible.
  • The map, usually bustling with action, will be blank except for your avatar and nearby PokéStops or Gyms.
  • Can’t keep track of your Pokémon in the gym? Neither can we.
  • Don’t even think about scrolling down through your Research storylines.
  • In-game news is also playing hide-and-seek. Yup, it’s nowhere to be found.

But fear not, the fix is as simple as restarting your app. It’s not ideal, but hey, it works.

So, there you have it, folks. Stay alert and keep reporting these issues. With your help, we can make Pokémon GO a smoother experience for everyone. Keep those Poké Balls rolling.

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  1. Another thing to note is my phone vibrates, seemingly when a Pokémon would spawn, because, even though the app is closed and not running in the background, when I launch the app, it just loads instantly with all the bugs mentioned in the post. So the ‘random’ vibrations people might experience, check Pokémon GO, it is certainly that.

    1. No bcos I’ve been going mad tryna work out why my phone keeps randomly vibrating with no notification or anything!! Today all the pokestops have disappeared, has anyone else had this yet?:(

  2. And just like that proof of pokemon go glinting more and more! Where are all my rewards at! They need to get this game/app together and quit ignoring players!

    1. just pretend to change your avatars clothing for the black avatar. idk about the other glitches i’m about to just delete this trash

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