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Pokémon GO MissingNo graphical bug, community calls for official release via special event

It seems like Pokémon GO can’t escape its roots, even when it comes to bugs and glitches. While most in-game bugs are fixed in a timely manner, a recent graphical error has sparked a different kind of conversation among players. This bug morphs Pokémon into forms that eerily resemble MissingNo, the infamous glitch Pokémon from the original Game Boy games.

For those who might not remember or weren’t there during the Game Boy era, MissingNo is short for “Missing Number,” and it’s a classic glitch in the Pokémon franchise. When encountered, MissingNo would take on a distorted, pixelated form that fascinated and puzzled trainers back in the day. Over two decades later, this glitch Pokémon has become a sort of legacy, much like the urban legend of Mew hiding under a truck near the S.S. Anne in the original games.

A Reddit user, u/Double_Ad_4943, took to The Silph Road subreddit to share a strange encounter. They posted a screenshot of a strangely warped Female Salandit and captioned it, “Did I just find a MissingNo. ?!?!” Immediately, the community rallied around this post, with many commenting how they’d actually love to see MissingNo as an official Pokémon in the game.

Did I just find a MissingNo. ?!?!
by u/Double_Ad_4943 in TheSilphRoad

This isn’t a one-off, isolated incident. There have been previous instances where players experienced similar glitches in Pokémon GO. It’s almost as if MissingNo is trying to make its way into the mobile game, and fans are here for it. Comments and social media posts are flooding in from trainers who remember the glitch fondly and are calling for its official inclusion in Pokémon GO.

As it stands, MissingNo hasn’t yet made an official entry into the game. However, its unofficial presence through these graphical errors keeps the myth alive. For many, the glitch is a piece of Pokémon history, a quirky flaw that became iconic.

For now, MissingNo exists only in the realm of unintentional graphical bugs and the fond memories of veteran Pokémon trainers. But given the enthusiasm and nostalgia it invokes, who knows? Maybe Niantic might consider giving this pixelated mystery its long-overdue moment in the spotlight.

Are you one of those who’d like to see MissingNo in Pokémon GO? Or do you think some glitches are better left in the past? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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