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Pokémon GO Native Refresh Rate Feature, Experience Smooth Gameplay Like Never Before, But Watch Out for Faster Battery Drain

Trainers, have you ever wondered how you can elevate your Pokémon GO experience to a whole new level of fluidity and responsiveness? Look no further! There’s a hidden gem waiting for you in the Advanced Settings, known as the Native Refresh Rate.

The Native Refresh Rate is an option under the advanced settings within Pokémon GO. By unlocking it, you tap into your device’s native refresh rate for a higher FPS (Frames Per Second), giving you a smoother and more lifelike gameplay experience. Some players have even reported a noticeable improvement in their throwing abilities, all thanks to this option.

Imagine playing Pokémon GO in a way that looks and feels more vibrant and real. Running this on a phone with a 160Hz screen sometimes renders movements so naturally that they may appear uncanny. This transformation breathes new life into the game, making Pokémon GO arguably the best-looking version of any Pokémon game to date. Trust us, once you’ve tasted the buttery smoothness of 60fps, there’s no going back.

While the Native Refresh Rate brings a plethora of benefits, it’s important to be aware of a couple of nuances:

  • Throwing Bug: With this setting turned on, a bug might prevent the buddy assist from giving Nice, Great, and Excellent throw bonuses. While not guaranteed to work with the setting off, it usually functions most of the time.
  • Battery Drain: Yes, all good things come with a price. The significant boost in frames makes the game almost feel like a new adventure, but it can also drain your battery faster. Make sure to carry a power bank if you plan to hunt Pokémon for an extended period.

Have you tried the Native Refresh Rate feature in Pokémon GO? Or perhaps you’re already a fan and reaping the benefits of this option. We would love to hear about your experiences and any tips you might have for other Trainers exploring this feature.

Pokémon GO is about exploration and discovery, and this setting is a hidden treasure waiting to be unearthed. So give it a try, and immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon like never before. Remember, Trainers, knowledge is power, and this little-known feature might just be the edge you need in your next Pokémon battle.

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  1. Does anyone know how I can recover my Pokémon go game? I got a galaxy zflip phone last week and it transferred all of my stuff but the game says to sign in etc…
    I’ve tried emails forgot my password etc nothing. I was on level 32 fixing to level up,I’ve been playing for years. I am confused and broken

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