Rainbow Six Siege’s Y8 Mid-Season Roadmap Revealed

Ubisoft has released the eagerly anticipated mid-season roadmap update for Rainbow Six Siege Year 8, providing an overview of new features, player protection measures, and balance changes planned for the upcoming season. This follows the tradition of issuing roadmap updates each season to promote transparency and give players a glimpse into the game’s future.

The key highlight from the announcement confirms that all features scheduled for release in Season 3 will arrive as planned, offering reassurances to a fanbase eager for new content. One of the major features coming in Season 3 is Quick Match 2.0. As promised during the Six Invitational, this new update promises to enhance the speed of the playlist, improving agility while preserving the essence of the Siege experience.

Ubisoft will also introduce a Player Commendation System, a new addition to the existing Reputation System. This addition is sought to encourage positive behavior by offering community recognition, thereby strengthening the cooperative nature of Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft plans to enhance the beta-phase Reputation System in Season 3, making it a more accurate reflection of player standing, furthering the game’s mission to provide a fair and engaging experience to all its players. More info regarding the roadmap can be found below.


Each season, as we introduce new content, we are also providing an updated Roadmap to ensure transparency on upcoming features. When making those adjustments, we are considering multiple factors, including your feedback.

Today’s update is mainly to confirm that everything announced for Season 3 will be released as planned. We also wanted to provide additional insights on what to expect from the upcoming Operation. Please keep in mind that we also have a few surprises coming shortly, which are not displayed in the Roadmap below, so stay tuned for more!

Let’s now dive into this mid-season Roadmap update.

[R6S] Y8S2 Mid-Season Roadmap Update Midseason Roadmap



  • Status: confirmed for Y8S3

Quick Match 2.0 is ready for a release in Season 3. As announced back at the SI, it is a package of improvements which aim to speed up the playlist, making it more agile without affecting the Siege experience. We also have more game modes updates coming in Season 3, so get ready for some surprises!


  • Status: confirmed for Y8S3

If you follow us on social media, you might have seen some exciting news regarding the future of the Reputation System, in which we are including the new Player Commendation System. This new feature coming in season 3 will promote community recognition and encourage pro-social behavior, reinforcing that Rainbow Six Siege is a cooperative game. A full overview of the feature will be shared during the upcoming reveal panel.


  • Status: confirmed for Y8S3

Alongside the system-wide rebalance update, the Reputation System, which is currently in Beta phase, will be getting some improvements for a more accurate calculation of a player’s Standing.


  • New earlier target delivery: Y8S3

During our last Roadmap update, we announced that a new buff for Grim would be coming in two parts. Part I successfully released during Y8S2 and while Part II was set to release in Y8S4, it will be coming earlier than anticipated, in Y8S3. More details will be given soon, but be prepared to evade those bees!


  • Status: confirmed during Y8S3

After the feedback received from the Lab TS, we’ve decided to make some changes and rebalanced Operator Frost in Season 3. This new rework will be released during Season 3. It won’t be exactly what some of you have tested on the Lab TS, so stay tuned for more info on what changes we will be bringing to those Welcome Mats.


  • Status: confirmed for Y8S3

As announced during the Y8S2 Reveal Panel, a new feature will allow players to hide the HUD when using the Match Replay feature and will provide the ability to run a free camera. We know that many of you cannot wait to test it out and create content with this new feature, which is why we are bringing it to you in Season 3!

We have even more content planned for Season 3 and 4, make sure to watch the Year 8 Season 3 Reveal on August 13 and join the discussion on TwitterThreadsInstagramRedditDiscord and Facebook.

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