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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War September 20 Update Patch Notes

Treyarch has unveiled a new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War across all platforms. This patch, specifically dated September 20, has been discreetly launched, and while there wasn’t a significant announcement accompanying it, we’ve gathered the currently known details from the update.

This update focuses on resolving a service issue in collaboration with Treyarch’s partner. Previously, this issue was preventing PlayStation players from accessing the matchmaking feature. With this patch, players on PlayStation should be able to log in and successfully use matchmaking. However, it’s noteworthy that some social features might still experience intermittent issues.

Although not explicitly mentioned in this update, given the nature of last month’s patch, there’s a possibility that this update also contains security-related improvements. Treyarch has a history of implementing undisclosed changes to maintain the game’s integrity.

We’ve just released a small update that mitigates an ongoing service issue with our partner that prevented PlayStation Players from matchmaking. Players should now be able to successfully login and matchmake again, but some social features may remain temporarily impacted.

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