Modern Warfare 3 Gunsmith Upgrades: What You Need to Know About Aftermarket Parts and Sample Loadouts

If you’re a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, you’ve probably heard that Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is stepping up its game regarding weapon customization. With its revamped Gunsmith feature, the game aims to provide players with a richer, more streamlined experience.

New Features in Modern Warfare 3’s Gunsmith

Attachment Unlocks

In MW3, unlocking attachments has become more accessible and more flexible. Previously, you had to unlock certain attachments like Grips, Barrels, and Stocks by playing with a specific weapon. Now, these attachments can be shared across multiple weapons. For instance, if you’ve reached Level 8 with your AMR9 SMG and unlocked the Assault Stock, you’ll have immediate access to that same Stock for the Riveter Shotgun at Level 12, and vice versa.

1x Optic Attachments

The new 1x Optic attachments are another feature worth noting. Unlike Modern Warfare 2, these optics won’t slow your Operator’s Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed. This means you can quickly lock onto targets without sacrificing your ADS speed.

These updates may sound small, but they can make a big difference in gameplay. The 1x optics remove the dilemma of choosing between speed and accuracy. Likewise, the new attachment unlock system simplifies and encourages experimentation with different weapons.

Creating Custom Loadouts in MW3’s Gunsmith

The Gunsmith in MW3 is similar to its predecessor. You continue to earn Weapon XP to unlock different attachments like Barrel, Muzzle, Magazine, Optic, Laser, and Rear Grip, among others. These can be used to tailor weapons to your specific playstyle.

Aftermarket Parts and Conversion Kits

One of the standout features of MW3’s Gunsmith is the introduction of Aftermarket Parts. These become available once you max out a weapon’s level. They come in the form of Conversion Kits that can dramatically alter the design and capabilities of your gun.

To unlock these Conversion Kits, you must complete in-game challenges that become available when your weapon reaches the highest level. Think of it as the game’s way of rewarding you for mastering a particular gun.

Sample Loadouts

While it’s too early to say what the best loadouts will be, you can expect more versatile and powerful setups with the new features. For example:

  • Stealth Loadout: AMR9 SMG with a Silencer Muzzle, Quickdraw Handle, and 1x Optic for fast ADS.
  • Long-Range Loadout: Riveter Shotgun with a Long Barrel, Slug Rounds, and an Assault Stock for improved stability.

What do you think about this, excited enough?

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