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Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 2 Receives Key Updates in Latest Hotfix

Funcom has rolled out a new hotfix for their popular survival game, Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 2. Released on September 28, 2023, the update brings a range of essential fixes and improvements aimed at enhancing the gaming experience. From performance optimization to crafting checks and Thrall behavior, let’s dive into the details of what this new patch has to offer.

One of the main concerns players had was the lag or performance drop when approaching or logging in near a base. This bug has been addressed, and players should now experience smoother gameplay in these scenarios.

Below you can find the complete patch notes

Age of War Chapter 2 Hotfix (2023.09.28)

  • Fixed a bug which caused performance issues whenever approaching or logging in near a base

  • Added additional checks to prevent certain crafting to be done without the proper materials

  • War Torn Rubble can no longer be stacked
  • When the surface below it is removed, placed treasure now drops down instead of being destroyed (note: dropped treasure still gets destroyed)

  • Thralls set to guard doors now return to their post after vanquishing interlopers

  • Old copies of Heritance have been reset to match its current design

  • Fixed an issue where rarely a new challenge would not appear after claiming a completed one

  • Fixed an issue which could prevent a character from fighting back if they were attacked while performing certain emotes

  • Players can now access the game menu while controlling an avatar
  • Purchasing unlock of multiple Battle Pass levels now properly refreshes the display
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