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Conan Exiles Age of War – Chapter 2, September 21 Patch Notes

Conan Exiles has expanded once more. With the release of the Age of War – Chapter 2, players are set to experience a series of fresh challenges and rewards.

The war drums resonate louder than ever. Blood has painted the desolate landscapes as Stygian war camps rise ominously. Chapter 2 of the Age of War ushers in a new era of battle, resource management, and strategic gameplay.

The purge system, a feature known to surprise and challenge players in the past, has undergone a complete overhaul. Now, not only can you decide when and if you’d like a purge to happen, but you can also adjust its difficulty. This addition allows for enhanced gameplay strategy and decision-making. But remember, with great power comes greater responsibility: the Stygian invaders won’t go easy on you. This revamped system promises to bring more meaningful engagements, especially with the new formidable foe, the Hand of War.

For the complete patch notes, check below:

Conan Exiles Age of War – Chapter 2 Update Notes September 21 Patch Notes


The Age of War is truly upon us. Blood stains the earth in the name of gold as Stygian war camps sprout like barbed weeds.

Join our lead designer, Dennis Douthett, as he walks you through the new content now available in Age of War – Chapter 2.

Purge Revamp

With today’s ground-up revamp of the purge system, purges have become an immersive and replayable challenge with worthwhile rewards. You now also have full control over when and whether to start a purge, as well as its difficulty. Purge battles feel far more meaningful as you defend your clan hoard against waves of Stygian invaders, led by the Hand of War. Defeat him to claim valuable loot and free the camp’s prisoners.


Improved Loot

The loot improvements we’ve made in today’s update can be felt from your humble beginnings in the desert to your end-game domination and dungeon-delving. Enemies’ loot now reflects their culture, equipment, and environment, and is overall more valuable and convenient. On top of this, chests have been scattered across camps and in the depths of dungeons, with far more enticing loot.


Combat and Dungeons

As trickling streams become a raging river, so can small improvements have a strong impact. With the new ability to slightly adjust the direction of attacks and improved stagger consistency, combat should feel far smoother overall. We’ve also done a sweep on dungeons, adding a spatter of new dangers, mysteries, and rewards to find.

See the full patch notes below for all the details of today’s patch, including optimizations, bug fixes, and more.


Battle Pass & Bazaar Cosmetics

Build wonders and look d*** fine doing it. In Age of War – Chapter 2, we’ve added yet another abundance of cosmetics through the paid Battle Pass and Bazaar item store.

Raise glorious pyramids in your own honor and fill their shadowy bowels with treasure and traps. Adorn yourself in fierce new warpaint, don the new Vendhya Treasure Hunter armor, and let your pack elephant carry your many finds. This is only a fraction of what awaits in-game.

Age of Wartime Discount!

With Conan Exiles 60% off and Isle of Siptah 20% off, recruit your friends to resist the Stygian invasion and embark together on new adventures across the Exiled Lands and beyond.

We hope you enjoy this new Chapter in the Age of War! Stay up to date on all news by keeping an eye on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

  • Optimized memory and network usage.
  • Game will no longer freeze when players approach the coast near Siptah’s southern islands.
  • Fixed issue where game would sometimes fail to boot if regional format of user’s OS was in German.

  • Fixed an exploit in regards to item duplication.

  • Purge Rework
    • Purges are now triggered manually by the player (through the Proclaim Wealth button in the new Hoard Coffer interface!).
    • New Coffer Interface can also be used to sell treasures in your coffer for Gold Coins!
    • Initiating a Purge will cause a Stygian Forward Operating Base to spawn nearby and begin sending waves of enemies to assault your base and steal your treasure!
      • Including enemies that will attack using the all new Battering Ram to punch through your base even faster!
    • To trigger a Purge successfully there must be a valid path from outside of your base all the way through to your Hoard and Coffer. Should this path be destroyed or blocked the Purge will retreat.
    • Thralls can now be assigned to guard any doors in-game to help you defend from the new Purge, simply assign a thrall while hovering over one of the “ghosts” that will appear showing its assignment slot and confirming.
    • Purge difficulty is scaled to the amount of treasure inside of your coffer!
    • After a significant portion of your treasures are successfully stolen, the attacking army will retreat victoriously. (You Lose!)
    • Repel enough waves to trigger the Hand of War boss to reveal himself and join the fight!
    • Killing the Hand of War will end the Purge, dropping keys to loot the FOB’s reward chests and release captives that have been taken by the Stygian army! (You Win!)
      • Be sure to bring any stolen and new treasures back to your hoard to increase your overall wealth to continue increasing the difficulty levels of the Purge.
    • Captured prisoners that are released inside the Forward Operating Base can serve as your Thralls! As well as a chance for special prisoner who will act as a temporary store in gratitude to sell you special items and resources to help you in future Purges! (With a new Vendor interface!)
      • Including Mercenary Banners that will spawn Mercenary Allies to assist you in battle!
    • New challenges are implemented:
      • Defeat 1 Strong player focused Purge enemy.
      • Defeat 5 Strong player focused Purge enemies.
      • Defeat 10 Strong player focused Purge enemies.
      • Defeat a Purge wave.
      • Defeat all Purge waves.
      • Defeat a Purge Boss.
  • Loot Revamp
    • NPCs now have a chance of dropping their actually worn equipment and weapon/s
    • Camp chests now grant better, more interesting, and more usable loot. Gone are the days of finding plant-fiber and stone in chests. In addition, loot-chests are now much more contextual and will grant you Darfari-related loot while in a Darfari-camp, etc.
    • Various interactables can now be found in some of the camps. This already was the case for Siptah, but we have now added several interactables to camps in the Exiled Lands as well.
    • Dungeons have been tweaked to fit this paradigm as well – loot in dungeons are now more exciting, and dungeons have had several tweaks to them in order to make them more interesting; adding optional bosses, adjusting loot drops from bosses, adding traps, and so forth.
    • Legendary chests no longer spawn in the world next to so-called World Bosses. Instead, you may find legendary chests at the end of dungeons.
    • For modders: The struct for loot-tables has been modified, and now it is possible to generate loot based on item gameplay tags. Old lootchest blueprints are now deprecated. They do still exist, but we instead recommend using the ones in “/Game/Systems/Loot/New/” (PC Only)
    • The Library of Esoteric Knowledge and the Voidforge no longer grants completely random recipes. Instead, the system is deterministic and will give you a recipe that you do not have.
    • Black Ice weapons no longer require hardened steel weapons as a crafting ingredient
    • Added various grinder/fluid press recipes for plants and seeds that did not have them before.
  • Dungeon Tweaks
    • Dungeons have been tweaked to fit this paradigm as well; loot in dungeons is now more exciting!
    • Dungeons have had several tweaks to them in order to make them more interesting; adding optional bosses, adjusting loot drops from bosses, adding traps, and so forth.
  • Age of War Chapter 2 Battle Pass includes new pets, armor, emotes, and more! The rewards will let you personalize your very own treasure room, as if you were a rich Turanian Prince.
  • Age of War Chapter 2 Bazaar includes new pets, armor, emotes, and more!
  • Support for upcoming Twitch Drops campaigns. Keep an eye on our social channels for more dates and details!

  • Fixed an issue where red lines would appear in the direction the player was facing when using the Shift + Del shortcut on building pieces.
  • Players are no longer able to place multiple doors inside of a single doorframe
  • The Construction Hammer can no longer be used to dismantle buildings during the purge.
  • Placeables have been reduced in weight. In addition, building pieces that should’ve been set to 1.5 weight were not always, and this is now fixed.

  • The player is no longer damaged when crafting rough wraps while at full HP.
  • Black Ice Shield and Hardened Steel shield now require Shield Frames as part of their crafting recipe.
  • Crafting recipe for Iron and Steel Reinforcements now takes 10 seconds, instead of 20/60.

  • Added new ability for Humanoid characters to be able to rotate during the beginning motions of their attacks, allowing positioning and aiming adjustments briefly during the start of their attack animation
  • Changed hyperarmor (stagger immunity) to only exist for specific animations with visible high velocity or heavy animations (two handed weapon heavy attacks for example)
  • The slashing visual effects of one handed swords is now properly aligned with their model during sprint attacks.
  • Greater pets with skins will no longer deal less damage than their default counterparts.
  • Avatars damage is now properly considered PvP damage, meaning that players can only be damaged by avatars during raids or when otherwise considered a valid PvP target.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mitra avatar blueprint did not inherit proper damage variables.
  • Bows now do less damage the further the arrow travels.
  • Orbs now detonate instantly on impact, regardless of light/heavy attack use.
  • Javelins and missile weapons have had their damage increased.
  • Throwing axes have had their damage increased.

  • Rhino Mounts should now be visible.
  • Gave the Moss Rocknose its attacks back.
  • Rocknoses should no longer appear invisible.
  • Asked Warmaker Klael politely, but firmly, to remain standing (NPC is no longer sitting).
  • Totemic Wolves are now properly visible when placed.
  • Thralls and NPCs will now face their original placed direction after returning to their post.
  • NPCs will no longer be locked into the same attack if the player moves out of their range between attacks.

  • The Steel Thewed perk now prevents your character from taking more than 33% damage per hit instead of 25%.
  • Last Stand now lasts 3 seconds, reduced from 6.
  • Priests can no longer summon a “god bubble” (God Protection).
  • Avatars now last 10 times as long but do 10 times less damage with their attacks.
  • Trebuchet Health Increased from 5000 to 10000. Crafting times for Trebuchets greatly decreased (to a total of 10 minutes). Non-explosive barrages now also do a smaller amount of splash damage.
  • Damage from Wight Minibosses in the Winecellar has been reduced.
  • Dismantling legendary items will now give back 100% of their dismantle value, regardless of their durability.
  • Tools no longer damage resources that they cannot harvest.
  • Vendors at Mek-Kamoses have been instructed that players do not need a secret pass phrase to purchase the last item in their inventory. They will now properly show all items they offer for sale at all times.

  • It’s now possible to relinquish control over an avatar by pressing the Crouch button.
  • Players can now spend attribute points more quickly.
  • Sandstorm damage is now listed in the stats page debuff entry for players on dedicated servers.
  • Purge journey is now available on maps other than Exiled Lands.
  • Legendary loot-chests are now more visually distinct from other loot-chests.

  • Improved the visual quality of grass in several portions of the map.
    • This change is still being worked on and some areas of the map may show some visual imperfection. This will be improved in a future patch.
  • Attempting to create a clan using a name that is already taken will no longer prevent the player from creating another clan.
  • Fixed visuals in Crystalline Visage boots.
  • Player will no longer take damage when jumping above the Sandstone Fence.
  • The sandstorm will no longer spawn inside of the Sunken City dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where, after removing a Master Reinforcement Kit with a Prying Kit, no further modifications could be applied to the item.
  • Reverted the durability reduction for Prying kits from 30 to 50% to prevent exploit with infinite durability.
  • Fixed an issue where The Impaler had much too low durability (400) – it now has 4200 as intended.
  • Lowered the weight of the Poitain Heavy Lances.
  • Decreased stats for Steel weapon Journey rewards.
  • Increased stats for “Perfected Hardened Steel Sword” journey reward.
  • The Homesteader journey should now unlock after completing the first journey of a map.
  • The “O Sleeper Awake” achievement/trophy can now be properly completed even if the relevant journey is not active.
  • Acquire Silver Journey Step in the Potion Maker journey now triggers on getting silver ore even if the source is not harvesting.
  • Dismantling Explosive Jars now yields the proper resources.

  • Added map marker for the exit cave of “The Passage” dungeon.
  • Made recipe book at the end of “The Dregs” dungeon visible.

  • Letting go and re-grabbing a wall will no longer repeatedly play the equip animation.

  • Simm’s Khopesh now has a proper description.
  • Akbitanan Throwing Knife is now properly marked as a Legendary item.
  • Star Metal Ore now lists the recipe for Star Metal Ingots in its item description.
  • Stygian Commander set now properly marked as Heavy Armor.
  • Changed “Move & Guard” thrall icon.
  • Removed outdated and deprecated loading screen tips.
  • Updated icons for Moving and Removing placeables and thralls to make them more consistent.
  • Fixed description for Tablet of power.
  • Fixed description of Yellow Lotus Potion.
  • Poison arrow is now named Noxious Gas Arrow.
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