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Fortnite v26.00 Sep 6 Hotfix, Notes and More

Fortnite Battle Royale is back with a new hotfix, v26.00, released on September 6. This update introduces two exciting items for players looking to wreak havoc in enemy bases: the Shield Breaker EMP and the Sticky Grenade Launcher. Additionally, various Reality Augments have been introduced, offering new tactical possibilities.

Throwing down a Shield Breaker EMP will not only inflict damage on enemy shields but also temporarily disable electrical systems such as cameras, turrets, and laser grids. However, tread cautiously. These EMPs can bring vehicles to an abrupt halt during your escape. Find Shield Breaker EMPs scattered on the ground, in Chests, or Heist Bags.

Struggling with your heist executions? Introducing the Sticky Grenade Launcher. The launcher fires projectiles that adhere to surfaces, exploding after a brief delay and damaging enemies and structures. More about the update can be found below.

Fortnite v26.00 Sep 6 Hotfix, Notes and More


Throw down a Shield Breaker EMP to damage enemy Shields and temporarily disable electrical systems like cameras, turrets, and laser grids. But watch out during your base escape, as Shield Breakers EMPs can also bring vehicles to a stop.

Fortnite Shield Breaker EMP

The best defense is defense against defenses — find Shield Breaker EMPs from the ground, Chests, and Heist Bags.


So your robbery attempts aren’t sticking the landing. No big deal — use the Sticky Grenade Launcher to fire projectiles that stick on surfaces! These projectiles will explode after a short delay, damaging nearby enemies and structures.

Fortnite Sticky Grenade Launcher

Attached to the idea of the Sticky Grenade Launcher? This new weapon can be found from Chests, Holo-Chests, Heist Bags, a flying drone, or claiming a POI.



When explosions aren’t enough, add more explosions. After activating the Explosive Surplus Reality Augment, you’ll instantly gain rocket ammo, and containers you open will always have rocket ammo. Combo the rocket-ammo-using Sticky Grenade Launcher with this Reality Augment to be a fiery force to be reckoned with!
Fortnite Explosive Surplus Reality Augment


Activate the High Voltage Reality Augment to instantly gain a Business Turret and Shield Breaker EMPs. With this Reality Augment activated, eliminations you get will grant additional Shield Breaker EMPs.
Fortnite High Voltage Reality Augment


Also thinkable as “Storm running-away-from-er,” the Storm Chaser Reality Augment reduces the amount of Energy drained while sprinting. The drain will be even more reduced in the Storm.

Fortnite Storm Chaser Reality Augment

If chasing the Storm (or rather, running away from the Storm) isn’t a thrill enough, the Roaming Redeploy Reality Augment has been unvaulted. Gain Glider Redeploy whenever you gain immunity to fall damage!


  • The Sticky Grenade Launcher and Explosive Surplus Reality Augment are not included in tournaments.
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