Marvel’s Avengers to be Removed from Digital Stores, Now at 90% Off

Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers, developed by Crystal Dynamics, is seeing its final days on digital storefronts. The game will no longer be available for purchase after September 30, 2023. In light of its impending removal, it’s now being offered at a whopping 90% discount, making it available for just $3.99 on major platforms.

For those interested in grabbing the game before its digital departure, here are the links to the respective stores:

Marvel’s Avengers began its journey with much fanfare. Our review had lauded its compelling single-player story and dynamic combat mechanics. Yet, the game struggled to maintain its momentum post-launch, especially when it came to endgame content.

Despite Crystal Dynamics’ earnest efforts to reinvigorate interest with the release of new characters like Black Panther, the game couldn’t regain its initial traction. Earlier this year, rumors about Crystal Dynamics discontinuing updates for the game circulated, and were soon confirmed.

With the game’s removal from digital platforms imminent, this might be the last opportunity for fans and curious gamers alike to secure a digital copy.

The story of Marvel’s Avengers, from its peak to this point, underlines the challenges of the gaming industry, particularly in maintaining sustained interest in a title post-launch.

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