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Pokémon GO offers a Master Ball ticket solution for players unable to complete the second Master Ball Timed Investigation

Trainers, listen up! If you’ve been stressing about completing the lengthy Timed Investigation to snag that second Master Ball in Pokémon GO, we’ve got good news for you, there’s another way.

Timed Investigations in Pokémon GO are a marathon, not a sprint. The most desirable rewards in the game are only attainable through the completion of these challenges, which are available for a limited time. The current Timed Investigation, focused on the Master Ball, is available throughout the Pokémon GO: Adventures Abound event. If you manage to complete it by Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time, you’ll be rewarded with a Master Ball, the pinnacle of Poké Ball technology. This powerful item guarantees a successful catch, whether you’re encountering Pokémon in the wild, through Lure Modules, after Raid Battles, or using your Daily Adventure Incense.

Let’s be real, this Timed Research is a bear. It’s arguably the most challenging one Pokémon GO has introduced thus far. But if you’re worried about not completing it in time, Niantic has thrown us a lifeline.

In their official announcement, Niantic and Pokémon GO have stated that Trainers who can’t complete the Master Ball Timed Investigation by the deadline will have the option to purchase a special ticket. And yes, this ticket will award you a Master Ball.

Here’s the exact wording from the announcement for clarity:

For Trainers who are unable to complete Timed Investigation: Master Ball by November 21, 2023, a Special Research ticket that awards a Master Ball will be available to purchase.”

So, where do you stand, Trainers? Are you close to completing the Master Ball Timed Investigation? Would you consider purchasing the Master Ball via ticket if you can’t wrap it up in time? Share your thoughts and game strategies in the comments below.

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  1. Depends on the cost of the ticket. As no I’m not paying 4.99$ for a master ball, or anything higher. Maybe a .99 ticket. 120 excellent throws on tiny pokemon is beyond me. Probably a few others. Then you’ve got your great players, who have no issues with it.
    Been nice if they had 50-60 excellent throws, then add so many great throws and 50-60 nice curve ball throws. Otherwise I’m doing well. And yes I’ve watched the how to video multiple times and still don’t get the throws. It’s my timing and inability to get the right strength for the pokemon distance.

    1. I had the same problem.. Well i srill do as im no master ball thrower lol .. However i found if i hold the ball till the accuracy circle rings a few times and then i start from the bottom left corner and swirl it from left to center.. If that makes sense. I hit excellent throws more than any other. Finished that part of the task days ago.. Im stuck on the battle 60 raids part as i need all 1 star battles so i can fight them.alone as i play alone.

      1. I quite often battle alone, don’t be fooled in2 thinking ur only worthy of 1star battles as I’ve battled 4star Pokémon &even 3star Shadow Raids ALONE &nearly always WIN! I can take out almost any Pokémon up2 around 40k ALONE…. Although I do regularly battle with friends. I caught my Shiny Rayquaza from Iseral while I was at home on the Central Coast in NSW. So keep ur chin up &battle hard! Alyssa trainer name AlyssaJayne225 if u wanna add me

        1. I’ve already completed it. I don’t think it’s fair Niantic will let people buy their way to it. It’s become all about the money for Niantic. If they are letting people purchase a ticket they should be available for ALL players to buy, even if they completed the tasks. Why should those of us that put in all that time and effort now be told we could have just sat back and paid for it. I can’t get that time back! No wonder so many people are leaving. Bad decisions, Niantic!

  2. I think it should go untimed and you finish it on your own time. It’s us doing the work for it. I agree with person above. Each person will have a different skill or time available to play. Untamed for this seems the most fair. I don’t think k they should charge for it. That seems greedy. Make it untimed.

  3. I’m already done mine. Will the ticket be able to get me another one cause if not that’s bogus. The grind is real boys and girls there’s no excuse not to be able to do this one. I didn’t even spend money to do that either and I live in a small forest town.

    1. Spoofers usually do finish these kinds of timed quests first and quickly. If you weren’t a spoofer I’m pretty sure you’d be in the same position the rest of the players are in.

      1. I’m not a spoofer, but I’m surprisingly doing well towards it. It’s the raids that are killing me. However, I totally agree that this should be untimed.

      2. Not a spoofer and I finished yesterday. Has lots of premium passes so I could do more than one raid a day. No money or cheating needed.

      3. Pretty sure you’re just bad at the game. Excellent throws are not difficult. Even if you did 2 excellent throws a day you’d be golden. As for raids, anyone who stacks premiums passes over time will have an easy time with this. We’ve had to so many research rewards with passes and most people hold them for their favourite raids. Also, even if you did your free raid a day, you’ll finish the task. These requirements definitely fit of the reward. This is no reason not to complete this.

      4. I’m not a spoofer and I have completed the research. It’s a grind but it’s not impossible to do by November.

    2. BS, there is no way you could have already done 60 raids already without spending money, you only get one raid pass per day and it hasn’t been 30 days yet which means you would have had to use 30 + remote raid passes and you only get a couple of those free in the game which means you had to purchase the rest of them.

  4. The only problematic task in this research is raids. And maybe eggs, a bit. Everything else is simple, if you leave in a city.

  5. As a rural player, the only one I’m currently having issues with the catch 1k pokemon and 60 raids. If it’s cheap or dependant on how much you’ve done then I wouldn’t mind getting it. I feel like maybe an extension option for a cheaper price needs to be available based on what you have remaining.

  6. I’m pretty close to done. I’m taking my time on the raids since I can’t solo a five star and Niantic ruined remotes for almost everyone I know, but there are always easy one to three star raids that pop up around every day and I occasionally get invites to a good raid I’m willing to drop a remote on. I know at first glance 60 can seem like a lot, but if you just do one free one star raids a day from when the research dropped, it wouldn’t be an issue. My only issue with the excellent throws is that the 120 I did didn’t get to count toward the 300 plus for the wish granted research because I’ve been waiting months to try and find nine more kecleons, so I’m stuck on the page before the throws. Now THAT is a BS task.

  7. I felt the same when they redid research 151 even though I finished me who knows how long ago and didn’t get to do it again

    1. While it’s a “cute” remark for you to tell someone to manage their time and learn to play. I’ve played since 2016. I currently have an 8 year old a 2 year old and an 18 day old baby. I work from 330pm to 2am. So how would you suggest I manage my time and leave to play? Your little smart ass comment doesn’t work for everyone. But hey, thanks for the great sage-like advice.

    2. Not everyone has that much time to play games. People have many other daily obligations in life. Maybe if you have no life, no job, no kids, no other obligations and live just to play pokemon it would be easy. Shawn Lupinacci…be realistic…smart ass!!

  8. I have 11 raids, 68 Excellent throws, 68 tasks, and 272 pokestops so far. The rest are completed. The stops I’ll hit. I don’t have the time to hit enough raids without spending hundreds of dollars on remote raid passes for 49 more raids, and excellent throws and field research are gonna be a crapshoot. Now, with the pokestops, I have 28 left. Those won’t yield me enough research tasks, so who knows.
    Even if I did pay for the remote raids, when I use Campfire to join raids, I’m left waiting and waiting, then get invited, and then it’s a 50/50 shot whether the host accepts or not. Then it’s 50/50 whether they actually send the invites in time. I’ve spent hours and hours waiting and only been able to actually complete 2 or 3 raids on a Saturday afternoon. And even then, there will only be 3 or 4 trainers on a 5 or 6 tier, so I wasted a remote raid pass for nothing.

    1. So an in person raid. Once a day? Or use poke genie if its really easier for you to remote raid.

  9. If its reasonably priced (.99 like community day events) I’ll gladly buy it [as the Raid requirement is killing me as I’m not near any gyms most of the time, and the few times I am I’m in work and can’t play]

    But if they want $4.99 or more, I’ll let it go unless it includes a good amount of extras (and not just XP like the timed research)

  10. Still at 0 raids as I can’t raid with the current price of remote passes, and not a chance in hell I’m buying a research ticket. They aren’t getting a dime of my money until they fix their broken system.

  11. ALl of us who finish the research already, and did all the work, spent money on raid passes and incubators, could have just waited to buy a ticket. I think anybody who’s already finished the research should be able to buy the ticket and get a second/third one.

  12. So instead of reducing the amount of raids needed, changing the timed research to a special one, or changing it to participate instead of wins and instead of reducing the excellent throws needed. They decided to charge everyone? Just to be clear. They could of done any of the things I just mentioned and casual players would have an much easier time. Gaming companies and other players seem to conveniently forget about parents students and adults who need to work or are too busy to go out every single day to play their game. But both cry salty tears when they have no one to play with. Not to mention, not every kid can fork up money or aim to get the throws. What about them? What about people who have nerve issues making throwing balls painful. I use the plus to catch pokemon due to my nerve issues. It literally hurts to throw balls. Kind of wish niantic could learn from companies like bungie who listen to their players and change to help them. Not charge them money for something they can’t acheive on short notice because they have a life or a disability.

  13. I live in the netherlands, and there are praticly NO pokemon routes to find, so i cant find any zygard crystals!!!

    For this Time Investigating : MasterBall event, i only need to do 56 more raids, 128 more pokemon catches, 112 more field researches and 11 egg’s to hatch, wich can be done in the amount of time.
    If you do 2 tasks of every aspect per day, you can finish ot as well, exept the catch task, 7-8 a day would be perfect to finish that task

  14. I think it’s a great idea allowing people who cannot finish the timed research the opportunity to purchase the Master Ball. However, I think it is unfair to exclude this opportunity for everyone who has worked exceptionally hard to earn their Master Ball through the research. It’s basically telling us it was all for nothing, as we could have just bought it without the effort or spending a fortune on the game to achieve the goal. It should be available to everyone, so that the players who put in the hard work have the opportunity to get two.

  15. The times research is not easy. The elitists who say it is and also want to be given a chance to buy a ball do not understand what is going on here. What we are witnessing is the transition to a pay to win strategy in Pokemon Go. More and more of the rarest Pokemon will only be able to be caught by spending money on a master ball. Pay to win is a type of gameplay that I have no interest in.

  16. All I have left is the raids. Which if I do 1 a day for 60 days I will get there. Without spending anything on raid passes. I buy a couple gear and there so I should finish soon. I used to be terrible at my throwing. After this challenge was introduced I started really working on it. Turns out the little green cat that just came out is the perfect throw for me. I hit that guy with at least 100 excellents alone. Now I’m bailing lots of others as well. If you struggle, wait till you find the easy ones like girrafirig and only throw red balls with no berries and hopefully he’ll break out of a few. That’s an easy excellent though so you can add them up that way as well. It’s really not that hard of a challenge. I don’t know what everybody’s making such a big deal about. Definitely not the hardest one they’ve ever put out for sure! That one for shiny jirachi much more difficult than this.

  17. Honestly most of the tasks are not that hard once you can put a reasonable amount of time into the game. The unfair one to me is the raid requirement because that can be almost impossible simply based on your location. It’s really hard for me living in Barbados where I literally have to hope there’s a one star raid in my exact area, at a time I can do it, almost every single day

  18. My biggest issue right now is the 60 raids since I live in such a small town. And turn itself is 15 min drive from my home. I also work 16 hr days as a nurse. So if I am unable to finish it, yes I will be Master Ball ticket.

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