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Pokémon GO players are thankful for the Master Ball Timed Investigation Excellent Throws task, a pro tip for mastery

Trainers, we all know the Timed Investigations Master Ball Research is a beast of a challenge. Catching 1000 Pokémon, winning 60 Raids, and making 120 Excellent Throws? I mean, c’mon, you almost need to quit your day job to get this done. But guess what? There’s a light at the end of this grueling tunnel.

A Pokémon GO enthusiast recently took to Reddit to share a newfound appreciation for the Excellent Throws task. Before this, the player steered clear of Excellent Throws like they were Team Rocket, only going for them if the hitbox was the size of a Snorlax. But now, thanks to the research, they’ve actually put in the effort to test their skills and found a marked improvement.

In their own words: “I’m now hitting Excellent Throws about half the time.” They’ve noticed a significant uptick in XP gains and are, quite literally, kicking themselves for not diving in earlier.

So, let’s break down the math real quick: Even if you only land Excellent Throws 10% of the time, you’re raking in the same amount of XP as you would with 10 Great Throws across 10 encounters. Pretty nifty, right? And let’s not forget about the 4x catch bonus happening right now thanks to the A Paldean Adventure and Ultra Unlock events. It’s a win-win.

Grateful to the Master Ball investigation for forcing me to get good at Excellent Throws
by u/captainangus in pokemongo

Because sharing is caring, here’s a pro tip that might up your Excellent Throw game.

Pokémon GO how to make Excellent Throws like a Pro?

It’s a feel thing that you’ll get the hang of after some practice. Focus on curved Excellent Throws. Pay close attention to where the ball lands and adjust your technique.

Mechanically speaking, spin the ball a few times, swipe up, and to the right about halfway up your phone. Don’t overdo the power. For timing, hold the ball until the circle is small and the Pokémon isn’t attacking. If throwing to the right, visualize drawing a lowercase ‘d’ angled that way; if to the left, it’s a ‘b’ towards 10 o’clock.”

There you have it, folks. Challenges are opportunities in disguise. So go out there, be brave, and conquer those Excellent Throws. So, what’s your take? Are you already a pro at Excellent Throws or is this the push you needed? Let us know in the comments below. Happy catching, Trainers.

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  1. Yeah if only that worked, but it doesn’t not even close, I have better luck just hucking the ball. So I guess another thing people get sc$#ed out of. Thanks alot Niantic.

  2. Tell me about it. SURELY I HAVE HAD a Few encounters with a very large computed rare type Pokemon but no matter what I can never catch them I literally spent $100 just getting balls to be able to get them and can you believe the more balls that I had the harder it was to get things!!!!! Talk about a big flaw and there’s times that I know I throw curve balls and it doesn’t even give me the option of an excellent throw or tell me that I did make my curveball streak or at least the first one on a start to a streak. I have caught almost 1000 so far but nothin over 2500 CP point ones, I THINK EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY RIGGED AND I KNOW THIS I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO GET ANY KIND OF the HIGHEST CP POKEMON NONE OVER ~ 1880 C.P. ~ Pokemon and seeing that I am only at level 28 but should still be able to get the big ones too. I invested a ton of my money into the game just to make sure I have enough storage that’s also a HUGE RIP off I had to buy storage 4 separate times just to get extra space only to find out to get an extra 200 Pokemon…..IT FREAKING COSTED ME A WHOPPING 800 COINS WORTH 19.99 NUTS FOR THE SPACE IT SHOULD HAVE ITS OWN STORAGE AND SPACE TO OBTAIN THE ENTIRE SERIES OF POKEMON AND THE POKEMON BEFORE THE EVOLUTION STATE. I DON’T KNOW WHY IT STILL MAKES US BUY OUR OWN EXTRAS, LIKE BALLS AND STORAGE SPACE ALSO WTH IS WITH THE EXTRA “ITEMS” PURCHASE ITS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HURTFUL TO PLAY FOR 9 AND A HALF YEARS AS MY AT HOME MOMMING AND GAMING TO ONLY BE AT LEVEL 28 SERIOUSLY

  3. First of all master ball timed investigation is a joke who the f*** can compete that c*** they dont make it fair for alot of people

  4. This article is a joke and the author has no idea. Tall need to check articles first, makes you look foolish to have such garbage up here, lol. A quick Google shows you people do not like this challenge and it is not good at all.

    1. I do like this challenge and to be honest I only spend like 6 hours completing the throws. Raids on the other hand will take longer. But if you fo a raid a day
      You still have 30 days left. Honestly I don’t know what you guys are complaining about its a master ball. Not supposed to be easy right. Where if your sense for challange

      1. You know, people want things handed to them. This will take a little effort so some will whine about it. If you don’t want to put some time in, skip this research!!!

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