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Pokémon GO players can carry only one Master Ball at a time

Update: Trainers, Pokemon Go removed the “You can carry only one Master Ball at once” limit text from the Help Center. It seems like we can now carry more than one Master Ball at once.

Previous Story: Trainers, let’s get right into it: The Adventures Abound Season is well underway, and it’s packed with thrills. One of the most exciting additions is the opportunity to snag a second Master Ball through the Timed Investigation event. This has led many Trainers to wonder – can you actually carry two Master Balls at once? It’s a burning question, and we’ve got the definitive answer straight from the Pokémon GO Help Center: No, you can’t. One Master Ball is the limit.

For the uninitiated, the Master Ball is the ultimate Poké Ball that guarantees a 100% catch rate, making it the rarest and most valuable item in Pokémon GO. With an item this powerful, it’s understandable that Niantic would put some limitations on it. According to official sources, you have to use your first Master Ball to open up a slot for a second one. Yep, that’s right – you can only hold one Master Ball at a time.

The Master Ball isn’t a new addition to the Pokémon universe. Longtime players will remember this golden ticket from the mainline Pokémon games, making its reintroduction in Pokémon GO all the more electrifying. If you’re among those who secured a Master Ball during the Let’s Go event that wrapped up this past June, consider yourself lucky. But remember, you’ve got to use it if you want to get a new one in the Adventures Abound Season.

Well, now you’ve got a decision to make. Use your existing Master Ball before the second one comes up, or lose the chance to grab another. It’s a high-stakes game, but then again, that’s what makes Pokémon GO exciting, right? Given that you only get one, you’re likely pondering the best Pokémon to snag with this game-changing item.

For those keen on adding this rare item to their collection, the Adventures Abound Season is offering it as a reward for completing a Timed Investigation.

Do you agree with the one Master Ball limit? And more importantly, what or who are you planning to use your Master Ball on? Your feedback is always welcome. Drop your thoughts in the comments and let’s get a dialogue going.

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