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Pokémon GO deletes One-Master-Ball limit, can Trainers now hold more than one Master Ball at once?

Trainers, just when we thought we had all the answers, Pokémon GO changes the questions – or, in this case, deletes them. Not long ago, we confirmed that you could only carry one Master Ball in your inventory, a statement directly from the Pokémon GO Help Center. But lo and behold, they’ve removed that information, leaving us scratching our heads and reviving the question: How many Master Balls can you carry at once?

The Timed Investigations have become a much-talked-about part of Pokémon GO. These missions aren’t for the faint of heart; they require skill, strategy, and a dash of luck. The first Timed Investigation, introduced in June, gave players a shot at earning a Master Ball. The second Timed Investigation is currently live, and it’s another opportunity to snag that elusive, all-powerful Poké Ball. But be warned: Completing this mission is a Herculean task. Yet, we’re confident that someone out there will cross the finish line before time runs out.

It’s interesting to note that the Pokémon GO Help Center‘s statement about carrying only one Master Ball has been mysteriously removed. This, of course, reignites the burning question: Can we now hold more than one Master Ball? While it’s not officially confirmed, the removal of the limitation suggests that, perhaps, you can.

The possibility of multiple Master Balls is tantalizing. Imagine having more than one ultimate Poké Ball to use at your discretion. The strategic possibilities become richer, the stakes higher, and the gameplay even more engaging. But until we get official confirmation, it’s all speculative. That said, if you’re like us, you’re probably already planning how you would use those extra Master Balls.

This development is a big one, and it raises more questions than it answers. What do you think about the potential to carry multiple Master Balls? Is it a game-changer, or do you think one is plenty? We’re all ears and eager to hear your thoughts. Share your opinions in the comments below and let’s get the conversation rolling.

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  1. I think players should be able to keep more than just one Master Ball. Players go through Hell just to get them in the first place. I think a limit should be in place like up to 5 Master Balls at a time is reasonable.

    1. Hey, thanks for weighing in with your thoughts! We’re on the same page here. There really shouldn’t be any cap. Keeping them coming periodically would give players the flexibility to use their Master Balls as they see fit. It’s all about choice and strategy, right?

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