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Pokémon GO ‘win 60 Raids’ Master Ball task should change to ‘participate in 60 Raids’ or remove time limit

Trainers, let’s start discussing the Master Ball Timed Investigation Research, a hot topic among the Pokémon GO community. Saying it’s challenging is a massive understatement. While the rewards, including a second Master Ball, sound fantastic, the tasks you need to complete to get there are nothing short of herculean.

This research involves just one step but comes with ten highly demanding tasks. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill ‘Win 5 Raids’ or ‘Catch 5 Pokémon’ tasks. No, to complete this, you’ll need to catch 1000 Pokémon, win 60 Raids, hatch 30 Eggs, make 120 Excellent Throws, complete 150 Field Research tasks, explore 50 km, spin 300 PokéStops, and also earn 100,000 XP and Stardust. Complete these, and you’ll earn a Master Ball, 3,000 Stardust, and 20,000 XP. Sounds like a dream reward, but the road to get there? That’s akin to a full-time job.

Feedback from the player community on social media is not all rosy. Many are questioning the feasibility of some of these tasks. The common points raised include suggestions to change the requirement from ‘winning’ 60 Raids to merely ‘participating’ in them. Also, players are advocating for the removal of the time limit, suggesting that this should be a Special Research instead of a Timed one. After all, not everyone has the luxury to sprint to the nearest gym at the drop of a hat for a Raid, and purchasing 60 Remote Raid Passes is out of the question for most.

Niantic is walking a fine line here. On one hand, this incredibly difficult set of tasks serves as an incentive for players to either be more active or to make some in-app purchases like Remote Raid Passes. In that sense, it’s a win-win for Niantic. However, is this tipping the scales too far toward the ‘pay-to-win’ or ‘grind-to-win’ model? That’s the million-Pokécoin question.

So, what’s your game plan? Do you think you can complete all these tasks by November 21, 2023, at 8 p.m. local time? We’re all ears, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Dejan Kacurov

Hello everyone! My name is Dejan, but you can call me Mr.D. I enjoy all video games, especially Apex Legends, Pokemon Go, and Spider-Man. A husband and father of two who also goes to the gym often and does Crossfit. I got inspiration for gaming exactly 8 years ago, and I've been writing gaming news for 7 years. I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions regarding gaming on our site. Stay healthy, and love each other!


  1. The only one that will be annoying for me is the win 60 raids one. Honestly, that, eggs, and tasks are the only ones I have left. As a free to play player, I just have to make sure that I don’t let any free raid passes expire. I can see where more rural or mobility challenged players may have issues with it.

    Hopefully they have one of those raid weekends again with 5 free passes to help people through.

    1. Same.. Im almost done as well with eggs and raids left.. I feel alot of people wont be able to complete these tasks though..

      1. Its 1 1* raid a day. Ppl should calm down. Its not that difficult. Eggs and raids i have done way ahead of 150 field research which is the one i think is too much.

  2. No. Winning raids is not hard, even solo. Any 1 star and most 3 star raids can be easily done solo with a decent knowledge of pokemon typing. And if Niantic does monkey with the research, it will likely reset progress for everyone and cause an even bigger headache. No thanks.

    1. I feel the same way. Im almost done with the research. I get some people will have a hard time with it all but some of us are almost done so leave it alone.

    1. So long as you have gym at reasonable reach. My nearest gym is 11 miles away, near where I go to the supermarket, so I can get there once a week. Most people who play are hampered by location and the ability to create waypoint markers.

  3. 120 excellent throws done on the charmander community day in 3 hours most of the tasks are easy. I have only 3 left which are – 57 raids, 300 pokemon to catch and 20 eggs to hatch. it’s not that difficult and it’s been only a week lol

  4. I definitely won’t be able to complete this timed research. I agree that it should be a Special research. People have jobs & things to do after work. We have lives Niantic! Why is Niantic making things so difficult to complete. I’m still working on 7 Special Research which I haven’t completed! The Pokémon I need to complete some of the research are no longer spawning. I guess I have to wait for next year to complete some of them! This game is getting to be frustrating & expensive instead of fun!

  5. I finished all the tasks in 4 days except the win 60 raids. I get a free pass every day so in 60 of the 80 day time period I will have the master ball. Pretty easy if you ask me.

    1. How could you possibly have completed 150 field research and hatching 30 eggs in 4 days lmfao. That’s a straight up lie dude. Unless your entire life is spent playing Pokémon Go

  6. Wow, I can’t even believe this article. It’s a MASTER ball. It SHOULD be difficult. I’ve already completed most of the tasks with the exception of excellent balls (40 left & raids). The only trainers who should find this difficult are people in extremely rural areas. But, if they’ve been playing already, most likely they have figured out how to get to raids. There are plenty of 1 & 3 star raids someone can win by themselves. Maybe instead of complaining about the work required, just start doing the work.

  7. I honestly don’t understand the complaint. I have completed all the tasks except for ‘win 60 raids’, but you have 90 days to complete. With one free raid pass a day, you can comfortably complete this in time by simply doing one level 1 raid a day. People seem to merely be complaining because they want to complete it quicker and if they think they are being forced to buy Remote Raid Passes they are wrong.

    My complaint is that Niantic decided to set this task 3 days before releasing 4 new Pokémon, knowing full well that impatient players would do everything they could to complete the task as quickly as possible, so when the new Pokémon came out most rural trainers will have emptied their item bags and likely be forced into purchasing Poké balls to catch the new Pokémon.

  8. People do like whine about the most simplest things, just do a 1 star raid a day, since they’re give us about 90 days that gives 30 day wiggle room

  9. I doesn’t seem like an issue to me. I will complete all the tasks in the given time if I just play as I normally do.

  10. What about the rural players and people who don’t live anywhere near a gym? They have a legit gripe. 60 raids for them can be quite difficult…

  11. Yea dude the raid part is dumb. I spend a fair amount of money on incubators and now I’ll have to buy a bunch of passes that they just raised the price of. The 60 raids is the only one I’ll have problems with and it irritates me I have to spend my money to do it

  12. I will not be getting it done. The elitists who claim this research is easy to complete sound exactly like the elitists that have destroyed World of Warcraft by insisting that the content was too easy to complete (read as, I want to be special and have things others can not get) demanding harder and harder content, inspiring the arms race of add-ons vs. game designers that have turned raiding outside of LFR in WoW into a joyless slog.

    If you have limited mobility, limited funds or just happen to live where the temperature is still killing hot outside, the time limit on the PoGo research informs you that you are not important to Niantic as a game player. You might as well be playing a different game.

    1. Where I live is over 100° weather (F) every day, and I can still do 1 raid a day. Unless there are 0 gyms within a 20 minute radius of you, stop whining about it being too hot. Pokémon Go is a game about going outside, so stop being a baby and complaining that you have to be outside in order to do it.

  13. I am a disabled woman on a fixed income. I find it all but impossible to complete some of these tasks as a timed research. I love the game, but I feel this should a special research rather than a timed research. A master ball is a fantastic reward, if, able to complete in a timely matter to acquire the master ball. Once again, this should be a special research and not timed.

  14. Yeah the 60 raids is next to impossible unless you are always checking for nearby raids, 20 would achievable in the time limit if you played an hour a day and got lucky with doable raids appearing.

  15. I agree, these tasks are doable but they should not be in a time frame. Many of us work and go to school/have families. I know that Niantic will say by giving us 80+ days to complete it, we don’t have to spend any money for raid passes. Again, most of us don’t have the time to spend on these tasks. The tasks may be easy to get over time, but when you factor in a time frame the tasks become stressful. I personally feel that they need to remove the time frame and put these tasks under special research.

  16. Winning 60 raids in the time given is easily done. You get a free raid pass every day and you have 3 months to finish it. In my opinion the research for receiving a Master Ball should be as hard as it is now, if not harder.

  17. For some this might be an easy task to complete but for others like myself who live in smaller areas that have very few PokeStops or gyms, I also work full time so by the time I get out of work there’s nothing happening and I’m not about to spend all my money on remote raid passes just to finish one task! Ever since though raisin prices this game is going downhill.

  18. Some of these comments are hilarious. Just because you’ve devoted the entirety of your free time into playing a mobile game doesn’t mean everyone else should. I agree the tasks are doable but 60 raids is ridiculous when some of us actually have jobs and personal lives beyond Pokémon Go. Not to mention all the people who live miles away from gyms with no one around to help with raids. You just have to hope that one of the raids that day will be low level enough for you to solo

    1. Exactly. Telling other people what should be easy for them is ridiculous.

      I’m annoyed with the author for saying how great the rewards are. They are really not worth the time – 20K reward for earning 100K?
      The Master Ball is a guaranteed catch of one critter one time – which critter do you decide to use it on, and why not catch it in a raid?

  19. It’s the excellent throws for me. I’m an average player. I currently have 2 excellent throws. I hope to have another by the time this ends! LOL

  20. I have not been able to get to any raid, I have no car and live some miles away from the nearest one. So the raids and field research seem to be on my list of not completing. It’s alright tho I’ll manage with out the ball no biggie.

  21. While I agree winning 60 raid might be difficult for some, I think it is definitely possible without buying and raid passes. I have completed all but 4 of the tasks for the Master ball (and I’m actually almost done the egg hatching one) The research tasks that involve sending gifts to friends or making new friends to complete should be changed. I still have at least 3 research tasks uncompleted because of this. I haven’t added friends on Pokémon Go since the game came out and it’s kinda a bummer that I can’t complete these tasks without friending random people, which I don’t care for.

  22. All the other tasks you have the option of deciding when to do it. For raids its max one per day for free. I doubt I will be able to. Can’t solo anything but 1 skull raids yet. I live in small town so extremely lucky if random people wants to take down a raid, and there is no gym close enough to home or work for me to see if a 1 skull raid is going on. I cant take a 1 hour expedition for a 1 skull raid every day for 90 days. At least give us back the bonus of 2 free passes a day

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