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BattleBit Remastered Rolls Out New Weekly Challenges and More in Latest Update

The latest update for BattleBit Remastered is packed with new features and improvements that aim to enhance the gaming experience. At the center of this update is the introduction of Weekly Challenges that offer extra XP. The patch also includes changes to the UMP45, various bug fixes, and an experimental feature to reduce screen clutter.

Starting this week, BattleBit Remastered players will have a chance to earn extra XP through new Global Weekly Challenges. These challenges will range from capturing flags to landing headshots, and they offer significant XP rewards. For example, capturing 20 flags can earn you 4,000 XP, while securing 60 kills with assault rifles could net you 10,000 XP.

Complete all tasks within a week, and you’ll get a 4.0x XP boost, capped at 100,000 XP. These challenges will refresh every Monday and can be viewed at the main menu, during map loading, and while in-game. For the complete list of changes, check below:

BattleBit Remastered October 1st Patch Notes

Weekly Challenges Update!
Swimming in XP

This update brings Weekly Challenges, UMP45 tweaks, bug fixes, alongside an experimental solution to friendly-icon screen clutter.

Patch Notes
  • Screen LOD friendly HUD culling added (experimental).

    Constantly seeing friendly icons in a game that supports up to 127 players on one team can be distracting, and detecting if you can see 127 players precisely is extreme resource heavy. Disabling/fading friendly markers based on distance runs the risk of making players mix friendlies with enemies on long/medium distances which is arguably worse.

    As an experimental solution, we’ve added culling based on player’s screen size (the amount of space player takes on screen) and physics checks on player’s random points based on how small/big the player is on screen and if player is not visible over a certain time, the icon will fade out.

  • Random will no longer choose night maps unless server admin specifies.
  • Global Weekly Challenges

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    Every week, players will encounter tasks such as (example):
    • Capture 20 flags for 4,000 XP
    • Achieve 50 kills with SMGs for 5,000 XP
    • Revive 30 players for 4,000 XP
    • Land 15 headshots for 4,000 XP
    • Secure 60 kills with assault rifles for 10,000 XP

    Upon completing all tasks, players will receive:
    A 4.0x XP boost capped at 100,000 XP (once you earn an additional 100,000 XP, the boost ends)

    These challenges are the same for all players, and will refresh every Monday with a new set of challenges.

    Challenges can be viewed at the main menu, while loading maps, and while in-game.
  • Cosmetic-only Hats and Helmets will now have a hitbox. Until now, this has caused a problem for players due to being unable to clearly identify the hitbox of an enemies head. These cosmetic items will only stop 1 Damage, and the rest will be passed through to the player as usual.
  • Bullet Velocity reduced from 475 to 375
  • Fire Rate reduced from 650rpm to 600rpm
  • Quick Magazine’s Unlock Requirement reduced to 200 kills from 500 kills
  • ZalfiBay

    – Domination 127v127: Added a second spawn to improve player flow
    – CONQ 64v64: Decreased the amount of objectives from 6 to 5
    – Highway middle barrier replaced with a destructible one
    – Solar Tower invisible wall fixed

  • Valley: Destroyed chimney was blocking an underground tunnel – fixed.
  • District CTF: USA flag moved to a safer place
  • Eduardovo: Objective D (Swamps) 40% of bushes were removed to improve visibility in that area.
  • Frugis: Subway Objective C capture zone was expanded and spawn locations adjusted to avoid spawn kills.
  • Namak: some buildings were missing collision – fixed
  • Added Parapet (low wall) on taller buildings. This will provide better cover for snipers while prone, while making it more of a risk to attack targets directly below you.
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Game updated to the latest version
October 1st, 2023
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