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BattleBit Remastered Update 2.1.9 Brings New Map, Patch Notes, and More

The latest update for BattleBit Remastered, version 2.1.9, has been released, and it comes with a variety of changes that fans are sure to appreciate. There’s a lot to dig into, from a new map inspired by the Alaska wilderness to gameplay and network improvements. You can find the detailed patch notes below:

BattleBit Remastered Update 2.1.9 Patch Notes

Update 2.1.9

This update brings a brand new map, Weekly Challenges reward changes, networking improvements, bug fixes, and additional QoL changes!

Patch Notes

    • This new playspace finds players taking part in an Invasion on an Alaska-inspired biome, with key locations like Power Stations, Shelter and Port. Overall, this map was designed with Infantry gameplay as the primary focus, while still offering combined arms combat.
[1×1 km map]
  • Coastline (South) is best suited for close quarters and mid-range fire fights. Infantry will find plenty of cover from the Port area to Town.
  • Inland (North) is where players will find success with mid to long range weapons like DMRs and Snipers, while also serving as a battleground for armored vehicles. Open fields and elevation changes will grant stronger sniper capability.
  • Between Power Plant and Town you’ll notice a small bomb shelter. Utilize it to cross the area safely and avoid exposure to enemy snipers.

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  • The remaining time for weekly challenges will now be displayed on the weekly challenges panel.
  • Brightness settings will now adjust the screen’s brightness instead of applying gamma.
  • Weekly challenge XP reward bonus increased to 250,000xp from 100,000xp.
  • Improved networking for packet loss recovery.
  • Prioritized networking packets for hit registration.
  • During bandaging, players cannot switch their target (self or friend) once bandaging has begun, unless they are bandaging another teammate who then moves away.
  • Fixed a bug that caused server crashes after an extended period.
  • Fixed an unintended blue filter on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where grenades sometimes dealt damage through walls.
  • Fixed a UI bug where users were shown the option to bandage another player even when the latter was out of reach and nonbandage-able.
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