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BattleBit Remastered Update Notes for 2.2.3

BattleBit Remastered, the popular tactical shooter, has revealed the patch notes for update 2.2.3, which includes changes and improvements. This update focuses on map reworks, sound enhancements, and gameplay adjustments that will excite players.

BattleBit Remastered Update 2.2.3 Patch Notes

  • DustyDew & TensaTown – 32v32 Invasion has been added.
  • Isle Invasion – A vehicle repair station has been added to ground objectives.
  • Invasion Kodiak – One objective at the last stage near defender base has been removed.
  • Invasion 32v32 has been added to Kodiak map.
  • Chromatic aberration on the Loadout screen has been reduced.
  • Film Grain settings have been added to the video settings.
  • Squad points now display on the interaction menu.
  • Camo previews are now available when hovering over them.
  • The ability to change the size of enemy pings is now available.
  • The ‘ping’ button function remains the same; holding it now opens a menu.
  • The maximum number of pings at a time has been increased from 3 to 6 per squad.
  • Air drone spotting of players is now possible; spots now last 12 seconds.
  • The radial menu flags have been sorted.
  • Players can now ping enemies while down, with pings lasting for 2 seconds.
  • The sound spread of all snipers has been increased to 2000 meters.
  • Sniper rifles now leave a bullet trail that lasts for 3 seconds.
  • The sound of a sniper’s bullet whizzing past is now distinct from other weapons.
  • The glint angle of sniper’s long-range scopes has been heavily reduced.
  • Smoke density has been updated, obstructing outside views from within.
  • The animations for proning/crouching transitions have been adjusted.
  • Grenades now trigger ‘In combat’ status for player spawning.
  • The Basra map has been reworked.
  • In the Invasion gamemode, flags are now created from 4 stages, with 3 locked after capture.
  • Footstep sounds have been made more directional.
  • Enemy footstep sounds are now louder and sharper than ally footsteps.
  • Ally player’s footsteps are no longer audible beyond 20 meters.
    Bug Fixes
  • The issue causing the game to crash in spectator mode has been fixed.
  • Slight stutters introduced with the new update have been fixed.
  • Server-side performance and movement issues have been improved.
  • A bug preventing players from being killed while using a humvee’s turret has been fixed.
  • MDX’s glint no longer appears through foliage and obstacles.
  • Attachment barrel sizes have been readjusted.
  • The issue with trees not destroying and causing server errors has been fixed.
  • The solid color has been moved to the bottom in Pattern 1, and they have been renamed to avoid confusion.
  • The inability to place hesco walls on roofs has been fixed.
  • Positional hitmarkers have been fixed.
  • The inconsistency in pinging players has been addressed.
  • The issue of inconsistent mouse sensitivity on the radial menu, particularly at resolutions other than 1920×1080, has been fixed.
  • Players are no longer able to ping through bushes.
  • Network stability has been improved.
  • A backend bug related to players having more than 100 items in their inventory has been fixed.
    Known Issue:
  • You may not able to see / access your twitch drops temporarily. However, you haven’t lost them, the game won’t display them until the issue is fixed.
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