Dataminers May Have Unearthed the Name of Diablo 4’s First Expansion

Recent datamining efforts suggest that the first expansion for Diablo 4 could be named ‘Lord of Hatred’ via Wcftech. If this turns out to be accurate, the expansion seems to delve into the story of the demon Mephisto, Diablo’s older brother. This information comes after Blizzard released a technical alpha build of the game’s version 2.0 for private testing, which Russian YouTuber YbuBaKa subsequently examined.

The report implies that the expansion will take players to the Kurast region, previously seen in Diablo II. In addition to a new setting, the game may introduce a brand-new class known as the Spiritborn. This is not the end of the new features, though. The expansion may also bring in a mercenary system where players can hire NPCs, equip them, and help them advance in unique skill trees. The game may even introduce the concept of Raids, a feature offering a new layer of challenge and engagement.

Interestingly, the datamined info also talks about the crafting of corrupt runestones. While it’s tempting to associate this with the expansion, the report suggests this feature might be a part of the game’s Season 3 content instead.

While the details are pretty specific, it’s essential to approach them cautiously. After all, the information has not been confirmed by Blizzard. The game itself has had a rocky start, launching on Steam to mixed reviews, primarily due to initial issues like a trading feature exploit. However, the second season seems to have alleviated some of the community’s earlier concerns by changing loot drop percentages and reducing the leveling grind.

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