Dying Light 2 gets new weekly bounties

Dying Light 2 has just released some new weekly bounties for you to tackle. We’ll take a look at the details, so you can get ahead of the game and stack up those Reward Points.

You’ll find challenges in multiple categories:

  • Combat
  • Equipment
  • Movement
  • Other

This way, you can focus on the skills you’re looking to improve.

Death Dancer

Reward: 300 RP
Challenge: You’ve got to headshot 3 Volatiles while you’re in the air using ranged weapons.


Reward: 400 RP
Challenge: Get ready to be a hero and defeat 2 Volatiles using weapons that are straight out of the box, no mods!


Reward: 400 RP
Challenge: Step up and defeat 3 Goons or Demolishers, again with unmodified weapons.

Parachute Commando

Reward: 300 RP
Challenge: Fly away from danger by covering a distance of 1000 meters using a Paraglider during chases.

Marine Trooper

Reward: 200 RP
Challenge: Prefer water? Swim 300 meters to escape during chases.


Reward: 300 RP
Challenge: Get down and dirty by looting 5 valuables in areas with muddy ground.

Some really fun challenges to get your hands on this week. From aerial headshots to swimming escapes, there’s something for everyone. So, go on, dive into the game and conquer these new bounties!

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