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Fortnite October 17 Update, Unofficial Patch Notes and more

The latest Fortnite update is now live across both last-gen and current-gen gaming platforms. Though Epic Games has not yet released the official patch notes, we’ve gathered some key information to help you understand what’s new and what’s being addressed.

This is what Fortnite Status revealed earlier today:

Fortnite October 17 Potential Changes as per Trello

General Top Issues

  • The top navigation bar in the lobby may overlap the V-Bucks display
  • Player icons may not update in the friends menu.
  • Players may get stuck in build mode
  • ‘Earn XP in Creator Made Experiences’ quests not progressing.
  • The “Sweet!” emote is not behaving properly.
  • The exclamation mark above the Quest tab may not clear. (FIXED)
  • Some trees are not rendering correctly (FIXED)

Locker Top Issues

  • Unable to delete presets
  • The rings on the Airbound Eyes contrail are pink/red instead of blue
  • The Crowning Achievement Emote only shows the Crown count in Battle Royale modes

Battle Royale Top Issues

  • Players sometimes experience a long loading screen when loading into the Battle Bus, and may complete the loading screen while already skydiving.
  • Fortnite Career Page is not displaying the correct information.

Save The World Top issues

  • The Heals Attached perk is not working correctly with traps.
  • Dragon Slash
  • Special effects in performance mode
  • View Distance Rendering
  • The headshot explosion perk may not be working as intended
  • Primal Stink bow with Stoneheart Farrah’s Perks

Mobile and Cloud Gaming Top Issues

  • DLSS Disabled on GeForceNow
  • The Navigation Bar may overlap the players name in the Lobby on some devices.

Epic Games has promised more Fortnitemares Quests will be available on Oct 19, 2023. If you wish to find more, visit Fortnite’s official Trello board which lists all ongoing community issues.

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