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Killing Floor 2 October 17 Patch Notes, Halloween Event and More

Tripwire Interactive has released a new update for Killing Floor 2, available now on all platforms. The update ushers in the Halloween-themed Last Hans Standing patch and various other new features and improvements. For the full patch notes, check below.

Killing Floor October 17 Patch Notes

Known Fall Update Issues (Please read me):
  • Castle Volter is still undergoing optimization, and some machines within the recommended specs may experience lower-than-expected performance. We’re continuing to improve this for all platforms within a forthcoming update post-release.

  • Weapon pickup rewards within the museum rooms, along with some props available when unlocked, have been removed for this release to address stability concerns observed on some platforms within internal testing. We’ll be looking to replace these assets with a new solution within a forthcoming release post-launch.

What’s new?

  • New Official Map: Castle Volter by Saber Interactive

  • Compatible for Survival, Weekly, Endless

  • New Weekly: Bounty Hunt (For every wave, several zed are marked as Bounty Zeds which needs to be killed. Bounty Zeds attempt to flee on sight and become stronger if other zeds are killed before it. Dosh is only awarded for Bounty Zed kills and heals during trader time. Suicidal difficulty, 7 waves)

  • Complete the Weekly to earn the Bounty Hunt weapon skin for the .50 Desert Eagle

  • 2 New weapons

  • HRG 93R (Off-Perk, Tier 0, Dual-Wieldable, Can be set as part of any perk’s Starting Loadout [Replacing the 9mm Pistol]/$150 for Dual-Wield)

  • MG3 Shredder (Commando, Tier 5, $2000)

  • Note: The MG3 Shredder is a DLC weapon. It can be acquired via purchase from the in-game store or from owning the Armory Season Pass II DLC. This weapon can be tried out by Steam/EGS players in private matches by inputting GiveWeapon KFGameContent.KFWeap_LMG_MG3 into the dev console after enabling cheats.

  • Note: The HRG 93R is free for all users

  • New Objectives, tickets, cosmetics, and store bundles

  • Complete all seasonal objectives to earn the Volter weapon skin for the Mkb. 42(H) Rifle

Quality of life improvements:

  • Option to select and play any Weekly Outbreaks

  • Available for Matchmaking, Server Browser, and Solo Offline

  • Server owners can set their servers to run a specific Weekly by putting “?WeeklySelectorIndex=<NUMBER>” in their batch file (with <NUMBER> being the specific weekly – i.e. Boom is 1, Cranium Cracker is 2…etc – refer to the announcement page for the full list of Weeklies’ numbers)

  • Note: The current Weekly Outbreak rotation system will continue working as usual, updated weekly. Weekly rewards will only be granted if the ‘Current Weekly’ option is chosen. Playing any Weeklies outside of the Current Weekly will not grant any reward.

Balance changes:

  • Reducto Ray

  • Shrink incap duration reduced from 10s to 0.5

  • To quote simplecat from the TWI Forums: “(This means) that after not attacking ZED for 0.5s the internal meter resets back to 0 and you’d need to start appying incap from the scratch. Incap wears off really fast now but ZEDs grow in size very slowly”

  • For an explanation on how the Shrink incap works, refer to this explanation on the KF2 Big Doc

  • HRG Head Hunter

  • Time to start head reduction x5 times quicker

  • Head reduction rate decreased by 10%

  • For an explanation on how the HRG Head Hunter’s head-shrinking effect works, refer to this explanation on the KF2 Big Doc

  • Killerwatt

  • Default fire mode damage increased from 50 to 55

  • Alt-Fire charge time reduced by 30%

  • Camera turning ratio is now x5 faster than pre-Fall 2023 version when alt-firing – this makes the weapon easier to control while alt-firing

  • Spare ammo increased from 300 to 450

  • HRG Vampire

  • Added a crosshair to the scope (similar to most Medic weapons)

  • SWAT (Perk-wide Change)

  • All weapon ammo costs (except for the HRG Nailgun PDW) are reduced by -10%

  • Fortitude (Support Level 10)

  • Added +10% damage resistance in addition to the +50% health increase

  • Armor Piercing Shot (Support Level 15)

  • Added +10% perk weapon damage in addition to the +4 penetration stat increase

  • ZED TIME – Penetrator (Support Level 25)

  • Now allows the player to reload in real-time in addition to the +30 penetration stat increase on Zed Time

  • For an explanation on how the Penetration stat works, refer to this explanation on the KF2 Big Doc

  • Acidic Rounds (Field Medic Level 15)

  • Skill has been overhauled

  • Removed poison incap from Perk Weapons’ regular shots

  • Healing darts’ base damage increased; it’s easier now to break Zeds’ poison resistance threshold

  • Dart cost for all Medic weapons (except for the HRG incision and HRG Healthrower) reduced by 20%

  • Castle Volter map

  • Trader timer increased by x1.17 (x2.5 during the last wave so players can admire a museum for a bit longer)

  • Note: The following changes were not mentioned in the official changelogs and were mentioned by simplecat in the TWI Forums thread for Beta 2:

  • HRG Stunner

  • Primary fire damage increased from 60 to 80

  • Riot Shield and Glock 18 (SWAT)

  • Primary (full-auto) fire spread reduced from 0.06 to 0.045

  • FAMAS Masterkey

  • Trader price reduced from $1200 to $1000

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Server Details and Spectate buttons would become unavailable due to the types of servers displayed and the placement in the server list of those servers.

  • Fixed an issue where Default ZEDs used the seasonal SFX when seasonal skins were enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination gets stuck when using the Gorge Attack on drones.

  • Addressed issues with EGS servers and online services being unavailable

  • Fixed an issue with the MG3 Shredder where the ADS Alt-Fire tracers and FX would appear misaligned.

  • Fixed an issue with the Killerwatt where two third-level charges could not be fired from a single magazine.

  • Minigun-specific weapon fixes:

  • Fixed issues with the Minigun that would cause ammo amounts to be lost when swapping weapons.

  • Fixed issues with the Minigun that would cause ammo amounts to be lost, reloading and purchasing ammo during Trader Time.

  • Fixed an issue with the G36 Assault Rifle where the ammunition would disappear from the magazine during the magazine check after partially reloading.

  • Fixed an issue with the HRG 93R pistols where the barrel materials were too thin.

  • Fixed S12 shotgun alt-fire FX such that it now displays correctly on top of various environmental surfaces.

  • Fixed an issue with drones (Sentinel/HRG Bombardier) targeting Zeds through the Trader Pod

  • Castle Volter-specific map fixes:

  • Updated the splatter mapping throughout the map where it had missing or incorrect blood splatters.

  • Updated the Spectator collision throughout the map to prevent the Spectator camera from leaving the map bounds.

  • Updated light sources and lighting throughout the map.

  • Updated textures throughout the map to properly reflect the illumination from the flashlight.

  • Updated the bullet decals and impact sounds to reflect the correct materials throughout the map.

  • Adjusted props throughout the map to reduce and remove clipping with the surrounding environment and other props.

  • Adjusted Ammo Crate and Drop Weapon placement to reduce and remove clipping with the surrounding environment.

  • Adjusted railings throughout the map to reduce and remove clipping with the surrounding environment.

  • Walls were adjusted, and seams were welded together throughout the map to remove the visible seams within the environment.

  • Fixed multiple invisible collision boxes throughout the map.

  • Fixed multiple collision boxes around props and railings that would leave the player twitching when right up against them.

  • Fixed multiple instances where players could step onto a railing and take fall damage when stepping back off.

  • Fixed the multiple instances of barriers not having collision for ZEDs, allowing them to walk through them.

  • Fixed multiple instances of walls not having collision, allowing players to get to unintended areas.

  • Fixed multiple instances of walls, props, and environment dressing having single-sided textures, making them invisible or able to be seen through based upon camera angle.

  • Fixed multiple instances of Z-fighting/flickering were fixed throughout the map.

  • Fixed the fir trees so the needles do not have bullet collision.

  • Updated ZED spawns to remove the spawning from the players’ sight line.

  • Fixed multiple areas where shotgun jumping allowed players to reach areas ZEDs could not path to.

  • Fixed an issue where the welding seam on the doors would not fully render on doors throughout the map.

  • Updated the inability to climb on tables in multiple areas in the map to make behavior consistent throughout.

  • Updated draw distance throughout the map to reduce issues of pop-in and disappearing as the player moves through the map.

  • Fixed an issue where some SYG zones were not activating.

  • Updated the SYG zone outlines to reduce clipping with the environment and increase visibility.

  • Updated the SYG zones to ensure that the marked areas represent where the players need to be to qualify for the SYG zone bonus.

  • Fixed an issue where Medic’s weapon dart recharge rates were overly fast for non-medic perks.

  • Fixed an issue with the Support perk Fortitude skill not increasing resistance by the appropriate amount.

  • Fixed Survivalist weapon loadout such that it properly reflect players’ choices in the main menu.

  • Fixed an issue where collectibles only triggered for the user that hit the collectible rather than all users on the server.

  • Fixed multiple issues with the Seasonal Objective “I could do this all day,” not counting progress for both those that got the boss kill and those that did not

  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd and subsequent waves in endless mode would not match the announced timing.

  • Fixed an issue with the Weekly Selector where the “Outbreak Completion Reward” text and dosh reward frame would no longer be visible after changing back to the Current Weekly.

  • Excluded Santa’s Workshop map from certain weeklies to avoid spawn issues.

  • Updated the Castle Volter localization to include all supported languages.

  • Updated the “Current Weekly” localization to fit within the textbox.

  • Updated the Seasonal Objective “I could do this all day” to fit within the textbox across multiple languages.

  • Updated the punctuation within the Seasonal Objectives across the supported languages.

  • Corrected misspelling of “password” in Spanish on certain menus.

  • Fixed multiple clipping issues with the Last Stand Neck Gaiter.

  • Fixed an issue with the HRG Crossboom Spectre skins covering the scope.

  • Updated the display name for Castle Volter within Web Admin.

  • Updated the cinematic and music in the main menu to the seasonal versions.

  • Fixed an issue where trader time could increase after the 1st wave across multiple modes.

  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Server would be highlighted and selectable when a player hovered between the Server List and the Server Detail button.

  • Fixed client crashes due to high image resolution on WebAdmin.

  • Adjusted weapon type and filtering flags on various weapons.

Rumour has it:

  • This is the last content update for 2023, as this year’s Winter Update will be focused on Quality of Life Improvements as per Tripwire’s State of the Game 2022 announcement

  • Before you ask: There is no confirmation so far if KF2 will be receiving updates in 2024, expect TWI to address this question towards the end of 2023 through their State of the Game announcement

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