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Pokémon GO first player to have Scatterbug evolutionary line with both male and female

A few months back, a little black larvae-like Pokémon took over Pokémon GO, and many Trainers were intrigued by it due to its many evolution variations, which made it even more desirable. No, we are not talking about Eevee. Guess again.

If you guessed Scatterbug, you are absolutely right. The ability to evolve into Spewpa, and later evolve into literally 20 different patterns is still mesmerizing to me. In Pokémon GO, the variation was determined by the locations, so Trainers should travel the world to complete their Vivillon line-up with all available patterns. However, there is another way of obtaining Scatterbug (Spewpa) form, and that is through pinning postcards from Gifts sent by other Trainers.

Now, many Trainers set themselves to catch ’em all, but not many succeeded. However, one lucky and persistent Trainer did it. Yes, guys, the Reddit user going by the name u/RealCasually has shared with the Pokémon GO community that after ten months, and a lot of Scatterbug Candy, they now officially have the complete Scatterbug evolutionary line with both male and female from every region in the game. Amazing, right?

It never fails to surprise me to see how many different ways there are of playing Pokémon GO. Some focus on spoofing, some focus on evolving, while others dedicate their time to the game to complete a line of a certain Pokémon and their many, many forms.

How many Scatterbug/ Vivillon do you own? Share what Vivillon patterns you have with us in the comments below.

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