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Pokémon GO weirdest Route gets published in 2 minutes, is it the Route name and description that did the trick?

Ever since the Routes feature dropped in Pokémon GO back in July 2023, it’s been a hot topic of discussion among trainers. While Niantic and Pokémon GO have been incrementally expanding the feature’s availability, it’s clear that the implementation has been anything but smooth sailing.

As of now, if you’re Level 40 and above, you’ve got the green light to create your own Routes. Sounds great on paper, right? Well, some players might beg to differ. Despite being a sought-after feature, Routes have been causing quite the stir, and not for all the right reasons.

It’s become somewhat of a mixed bag. On one end of the spectrum, we’ve got players who’ve been waiting for months for their meticulously crafted Routes to gain approval. Some have even reached out to support, only to be met with radio silence. Their Routes remain in pending purgatory, and no one seems to know why the approval process is dragging its feet.

Contrast this with the experience of others who are getting their, let’s call them ‘strange’, Routes approved in as little as two minutes. One Level 41 player reportedly had their Route approved in record time. What’s the secret sauce? The Route is well within a green biome, avoids residential areas, and steers clear of crossing roads. Because of this, it seems to have been fast-tracked into the auto-approval queue. A well-thought-out name and description for the Route can also give you an edge in the approval process.

Route name: Baby Park

Route description: 7 laps around the park, don’t lose track! Fill up Incubators and turn on Incense for the complete experience.

I just created the stupidest route. It got approved in 2 minutes
byu/Osloborger1 inpokemongo

While Niantic and Pokémon GO are doing their best to iron out the kinks in the system, it seems they still have a long road ahead. So whether you’re still waiting for your masterpiece of a Route to get approved or you’re having a blast creating the weirdest Routes possible, it’s clear that the system could use some fine-tuning.

Let’s hope the powers that be at Niantic take note and make the necessary adjustments. Because as it stands, Routes are as much a source of frustration as they are a creative outlet for the Pokémon GO community.

Still waiting on your Route or Routes to get the green light? We want to hear from you, drop a line in the comments below.

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