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Total War: Pharaoh 1.0.1 Patch Notes for October 25

Total War: Pharaoh has received a new update to fix existing issues and bring some fresh changes to the gameplay. Titled 1.0.1, the changelog can be found below:
Total War: Pharaoh 1.0.1 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where some Campaign Customisation settings were not resetting to their default value when selecting ‘Default’ if a different option has been previously selected.
  • The province edict ‘Let Labourers Rest’ is no longer available for Ramesses’ faction as the faction’s unique edict ‘For the People’ provides the same effects but with better bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug where Irsu’s Faction Command ‘Let the World Burn’ would claim to be lasting only one more turn on every turn. It now correctly displays the actual remaining turns.
  • Added confirmation dialogue when the Commands button is pressed.
  • Added a description of Shadow Stance to Kurunta’s ‘Master Prowler’ title.
  • Fixed an animation issue in Character Details.
  • Fixed the ancillary equip animation not triggering properly.
  • All equipped ancillaries will now be visible in the Pre/Post-Battle screens.
  • Fixed unit info staying pinned after returning from the Campaign’s ‘Faction Selection’ screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Outpost buildings were shown as available for construction even when their associated settlement is besieged.
  • Fixed the ‘Open Tactical/Overview Map’ universal hotkey not working in campaign and removed the ‘Zoom to Strategic View’ campaign hotkey.
  • Fixed the camera scrolling to a shrouded location during sea invasions.
  • Removed an incorrect line of text from Fort descriptions.
  • Removed the model of Merneptah from multiple advisor messages.
  • Removed incorrect court advice from advisor texts.
  • Fixed the description of the ‘Player: Adjust Happiness per Turn’ option.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a different playable faction from the map in the Faction Selection screen would bring up incorrect information in the Faction Summary panel.
  • Removed an unnecessary faction pin from Suppiluliuma’s faction selection map.
  • Fixed the text for the achievement ‘All Property is Theft’ to ‘Playing as Irsu, raze 20 Outposts.’


  • Improved the way the AI uses missile units and prioritises targets when defending a settlement.
  • Fixed a bug that left some ranged units as idle inside settlements during a siege.
  • The Bаttle AI should now handle ranged units better – there will no longer be cases where it deliberately sends them into melee when shooting is more viable.
  • The Battle AI should now better match incoming threats, no longer sending just one unit to deal with multiple enemies.
  • The AI will now sally out from its positions in minor settlements less often when facing a superior enemy.
  • The AI should no longer send its chariots alone into enemy lines when attacking, instead using them more tactically.
  • The AI will now be more cautious of burning areas and better avoid them.
  • Units in an Advance stance should no longer loiter and reform when there is no need, keeping better ranks.
  • Units will now keep a more cohesive formation, with fewer entities lagging behind or straying too far forward when new commands are given.
  • More units will now simultaneously climb ladders in sieges. Oh, and units will no longer appear to be climbing the air!
  • Improved the way units reform when needing to cross narrow passages like gates or gaps in walls while in the Advance stance.


  • Slingers will no longer have access to flaming projectiles.
  • Capturing all victory points in a settlement at the same time will no longer grant instant victory but will instead increase the rate at which the defenders lose morale.
  • Setting buildings on fire inside a settlement will now update the Settlement Destruction counter as soon as the fire starts instead of when the building is completely burned down.
  • Fixed incorrect display of unit ranges for missile units and chariots.
  • Increased the negative effects from fighting in a Storm or Thunderstorm.
  • Sherden Raiders now correctly have the Raider attribute.
  • Habiru Raiders can now hide in Tall Grass terrain.
  • Fixed a bug where when using the shortcut to select all mounted units would not select chariots.
  • Fixed an issue allowing generals with equipped skins to capture settlement control points when mounted on chariots.

Armour will now degrade at a much slower rate as units participate in combat, while the speed of armour degradation now varies more between different qualities. The new durability values are as follows:

  • Excellent Quality Armour: 900 -> 1,530
  • Good Quality Armour: 700 -> 1,190
  • Normal Quality Armour: 500 -> 850
  • Poor Quality Armour: unchanged

To bring the game more in line with our vision of the strengths and weaknesses of the different unit types, we are introducing several balance changes:

  • Increased the cost of all Two-Handed Club and Two-Handed Axe Infantry units in Custom and Multiplayer Battles by 50.
  • Increased Bow Reload Speed by roughly 1 second. Missile Infantry with Bows will now shoot faster.
  • Increased Heavy Chariot Speed from 80 to 92.
  • Increased Heavy Chariot Charge Speed from 110 to 122.
  • Increased Heavy Chariot Charge Bonus by 10.
  • Increased Heavy Chariot Health by roughly 15%.
  • Increased Medium Chariot Speed from 95 to 103.
  • Increased Medium Chariot Charge Speed from 120 to 128.
  • Increased Medium Chariot Charge Bonus by 5.
  • Increased Medium Chariot Health by roughly 10%.
  • Increased Light Chariot Speed from 115 to 120.
  • Increased Light Chariot Charge Speed from 140 to 145.
  • Decreased the Base Damage of Axe and Two-Handed Axe Infantry units by roughly 10%.
  • Decreased the Armour Piercing Damage of Club, Two-Handed Club and Khopesh Infantry by roughly 10%.
  • Decreased Precursor Javelin damage of Melee Units by roughly 10%.


  • Fixed an issue where a General’s portrait in the Recruitment panel differs from his portrait once recruited.
  • Fixed a bug in which the weapons of the Generals’ bodyguards in the Generals tab did not match the weapons used in battle.
  • Fixed the display of unit flavor text when two unit panels are simultaneously displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Withdraw’ unit order was missing a hotkey.
  • Fixed an issue where cycling generals would display placeholder Devoted God information.


  • Changed the icon border of Armoured Anatolian Swordsmen to correctly represent tier.
  • Reinforcements or additional armies can now properly be selected on the post-battle screen for performance inspection.
  • Sea Peoples units should now have the correct strengths and weaknesses information.
  • Added a new banner icon for units with the Weapon Switching ability to indicate when they are using their alternative weapons.
  • Units with the Weapon Switching ability should no longer display the shield icon when using their two-handed weapon.
  • Added a new banner icon for units that are using alt attack modes.


  • Fixed the settlement UI displaying some improper building names and descriptions after occupation.
  • Show a specific warning when worshipping Aten prevents the building of a Grand Temple.
  • Buildings are no longer shown as available for construction when the current tier is damaged.
  • Fixed duplicated info on damaged buildings.
  • Fixed the Repair Building button not highlighting on hover and when pressed.


  • Corrected a text error in the ‘Deadly Dispute’ dilemma.
  • The ‘United Against Us’ event now appears at an appropriate time.


  • Fixed information overlays for pre-battle buttons.
  • The Local Deities UI panel now closes after zooming to a chosen settlement.
  • Fixed an interaction with the Local Deities and Akhenaten buttons in the faction widget.
  • Corrected some tooltips, info texts and labels.
  • Fixed some text colour, font, icon size, text overlap and text errors.


  • Clicking the background frame of the Faction Summary panel will no longer close it.
  • The Local Deities menu will now properly display the Info Overlays for both the Worshipped and All Gods tabs.
  • Set minimum and maximums UI scale for various resolutions to ensure UI remains legible.
  • Fixed a display issue with the resolutions dropdown menu in graphics settings.
  • The correct number of remaining turns for Pillars of Civilisation effects is now shown.
  • Corrected an error with the Play/Pause button in the Credits section.
  • Changing a hotkey in Options no longer collapses the submenu.
  • Fixed a potential crash when changing camera between Debug and RTS settings.
  • Optimised asset dimensions and animation properties to improve performance.
  • Flags and feathers should now behave more naturally under strong wind.
  • The Province panel no longer shows effects from regions that do not belong to the player.
  • Removed some placeholder images.
  • Added a yellow sandstone texture as background for the unit cards in the recruitment panel. Cozy!



  • Deities Ra, Ptah and Thoth are now displayed in the tooltip of the Akhetaten settlement once discovered through occupation.
  • Improved ranged infantry reload times from Aten’s Devoted General blessing now display correctly.


  • Fixed some trade item descriptions.
  • The number of turns it will take to reach a destination is now displayed when clicking ‘Capital’.
  • Fixed the Capital pin changing selection state when clicked.
  • Fixed the placeholder images on character’s ancillary items.
  • Fixed players being able to cancel/reset a trade without trading anything.
  • Fixed a resource bar that incorrectly displayed when sending an expedition.
  • Updated the notification when Hatshepsut’s expedition returns home.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when selecting the faction capital.


  • The ‘Upgrade’ button is no longer present in Khufu’s UI when no upgrade is available.


  • Fixed a bug in Muwatalli’s Ancient Legacy where, in specific circumstances, incorrectly predicted effects for the next turn were displayed in the UI. The priests have received some additional fortune-telling training…


  • Fixed a bug where Thutmose’s reinforcement army is not destroyed after defenders sally out or doesn’t spawn when the target settlement sallies out.
  • Made the ‘Reinforcements’ unit card icon consistent with other unit cards.
  • Updated the left and right drop-down panel sizes to avoid overlaps.


  • Added an ambition to Turn 4 of the Tutorial for the Capture Sukhot objective.
  • Fixed an issue in which Royal Decrees Advice rendered behind the Technology panel.
  • Fixed an issue in which Local Deities Advice would trigger before unlocking the mechanic.
  • The Azzati workforce has been removed, lowering Sukhot’s recruitment slots. As a result, Sukhot has no armies to immediately retake their lost settlement after a player victory.
  • If you wipe out Sukhot, the army that spawns is now once again at war with the player.
  • The first Sukhoti army is now fully destroyed if you killed the general but left a few units alive.
  • Sukhoti forces will no longer stack against you after marching next to the seaborn army near Sukhot.
  • Azzati is no longer captured simply by the encirclement of the settlement at turn 7.
  • Removed the option for the player to end the turn before reaching the end of onboarding for Turn 4.
  • Added additional movement points for the newly recruited general on Turn 7 so that Neb-Gehes will be reached even if the player plays around with the animation speed and tries moving backwards.
  • Removed the ‘Read more’ button on the Hittite screen to improve the focus on the Egyptian path.
  • Tutorial saves can now be loaded without automatically skipping some of the prompts/interventions.
  • Fixed some clipping of Merneptah’s robe.
  • Fixed various highlighted Tutorial elements.
  • Fixed missing, overlapping or cut-off Tutorial voiceover.
  • Fixed a variety of soft locks that could occur during the Tutorial.


  • The vizier position is now free the first time you open the court in the Tutorial, as per the narrative.
  • Removed a campaign intervention telling you about an already joined civil war.
  • Removed some player legitimacy early on and re-added it at the correct time, preventing the player starting a civil war too early.
  • Seti and Tausret cannot declare war on Ramesses in the Tutorial before a civil war has started.
  • The Pillars of Civilization meter now shows once the civil war has ended.
  • Advice for Pillars of Civilisation now appears during the appropriate turn.
  • Removed some incorrect advice related to Legitimacy.


  • The regions Sai and Paiuenamun visible behind Iunu now remain visible after the cutscene.
  • Added a start camera position for the gifting of settlements cutscene.
  • Added improved character development instructions to the Tutorial Campaign.
  • Removed faction widget buttons for mechanics not yet introduced in the Tutorial.
  • Removed Pointers for the ‘Minimal’ advice setting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scripted Objectives panel in the Tutorial could be wrongly positioned.


  • The first battle victory tutorial now triggers at the appropriate time.
  • Added invading armies and additional tutorials for Stances within the Tutorial Campaign.
  • Added additional steps and advice to stance unlocks.
  • Updated the Siege Defense tutorial text.



  • Fixed a bug where the number of friends was incorrectly displayed.
  • The Campaign Win movie will now be played for the winner in Head-to-Head multiplayer campaigns.
  • The ‘Saving’ popup no longer overlaps the turn notification in a multiplayer Campaign.
    Fixed several desync issues.


  • Multiplayer battles should now properly update the number of players and spectators when new people join.
  • Fixed a possible desync at the start of multiplayer siege battles.
  • Fixed a crash in multiplayer when clicking the ‘End Battle’ button while routing AI units are mixed with player units.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer ambush battles that caused the defender to partially see the radar map in Realism mode.



  • Fixed an issue where factions would incorrectly appear when using the ‘Vassalise’ Quick Deal filter.
  • Removed the forced annexation button from the Diplomacy deal menu.
  • Changes to resources now show positive values in green and negative values in red in the ‘Diplomacy’ panel.
  • Fixed the ‘Demand Resources’ button remaining selected when the player cancels the demand.


  • Fixed an issue where 2D character art on the campaign map was not instantly updated upon a player’s loss of a crown.
  • Unequipping crowns or regalia from the ‘Regalia’ panel now displays a confirmation prompt.
  • Fixed a text cutoff in the ‘Power of the Crown’ menu.


  • Fixed a bug that left the Court in an invalid state when the Court leader died outside of Civil War.
  • Abilities granted by the court are now properly shown in the related tooltip.
  • Updated the discount description for the sacred land requirement of the Court for units and buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect tab was highlighted after a plot was created in Court.


  • Reduced the Hittite post-Civil War cooldown to match the Egyptian one.
  • The ‘Join Civil War’ button no longer incorrectly shows as active when the pretenders limit has been reached in the ‘Power of the Crown’ UI.
  • Fixed an issue where a random faction was displayed as the Pharaoh or Great King in the Civil War screen’s portrait if there was no sitting Pharaoh or Great King.


  • Fixed the Encyclopedia link for Character Experience, Skill Points and Shrine of Moloch.
  • Removed an unnecessary Encyclopedia link from Prayers to Moloch.
  • Added missing flavor text for Translators Quarters.
  • Fixed an issue where a link to the Encyclopedia was attached to an icon instead of the text.


  • Deployed a graphical fix for firing arcs on NVIDIA GPUs when MSAA is enabled.
  • Fixed certain areas on the Pi-Ramesses battle map where units could pass through cliffs.
  • Fixed several misplaced capture locations on walls in siege maps.
  • Unclimbable inner walls in the Hattusa battle map will now properly display as such.
  • Fixed multiple clipping issues with the Royal Hittite Chargers.
  • Fixed an incorrect voiceover audio that played on unfortified settlement battles.
  • Fixed several potential crashes.
  • Corrected an issue where trying to move a non-allied sea peoples unit on the campaign map didn’t play any voiceover.
  • Trained Seti to hold his shield properly when using a Khopesh. We’re not sure who oversaw his martial education!
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