Ubisoft’s Next Big Hit Could Be an Extraction-Based Far Cry Multiplayer Shooter

If you have been keeping tabs on the gaming industry, you may already know that Ubisoft has been busy. According to a recent report by Insider Gaming, the company is developing a new multiplayer extraction shooter within the Far Cry universe, codenamed Project Maverick. This could very well become Ubisoft’s next successful title.

After rumblings early this year about multiple Far Cry games in development, it seems Project Maverick has found its footing as an extraction shooter. The game has undergone several changes during its development cycle but now appears to be focused on this specific gameplay style. Set in a fictionalized version of Alaska called Alashnica, the game promises to deliver a unique twist on the Far Cry formula.

The game also introduces the concept of a hideout, where players can safely store their crafted items and equipment. But be warned, the game features permadeath, meaning if you die, all the progress made with your character is lost, save for the items stored in your hideout.

The risk and reward style of Project Maverick adds an extra layer of tension to the gameplay. The looming threat of permadeath means that each decision you make could be your last, and the items in your hideout become all the more valuable.

Alongside Project Maverick, Ubisoft is also busy with another Far Cry game, internally known as Project Blackbird. This is expected to be the next mainline entry in the series, potentially titled Far Cry 7. Although both games started under the same umbrella, they have become separate projects.

While specific release dates are not yet available, Insider Gaming’s report suggests that Project Maverick is expected to be released before Far Cry 7. The internal release window for Project Maverick is set for April 2025, with an alpha release planned for early 2024.

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