Ninja Issen, a futuristic ninja adventure arriving on PC and Switch on November 23

A new thrilling side-scrolling action game is set to make its debut, and we are really excited to dive into the ninja world deeper than ever.

The upcoming game Ninja Issen is going to be available on PC (via Steam) on November 23, as announced by publisher CFK and developer Asteroid-J. Fans of the Nintendo Switch will also have something to look forward to in 2024 when the game arrives on the platform for the price of 1,540 yen.

Ninja Issen is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of classic ninja platformers from the 8 to 16-bit eras. This retro-style game immerses players in a world filled with ninjas, robots, neon lights, and a dark atmosphere that engulfs the futuristic metropolis.

You’ll step into the shoes of Kiba, a rogue ninja wrongly accused of assassinating his clan’s grand master. As Kiba, you’ll navigate the treacherous world of vengeful ninjas and find yourself in a new, unfamiliar setting.

Ninja Issen is all about one-versus-many battles, and you’ll need to master Kiba’s arsenal, including his trusty katana for close combat, shurikens for ranged attacks, and the ability to teleport with precision. Create your ninja fighting style by combining these weapons and skills. Each stage features unique and challenging boss battles that evolve as you whittle down their health. Discover their patterns, adapt to new attack strategies, and emerge victorious.

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