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Pokemon GO players should not blame their kids for waisting their Master Ball

The Master Ball in Pokemon GO can be said to be pure gold, especially when it is earned with mileage and sweat. When it is wasted on a Pokemon not that great is like a bullet to the heart, especially when a child does this. But should the children be blamed for unsupervised phone usage?

Lately, I have been seeing many posts where Pokemon GO players literally blame their children for using a Master Ball on any Pokemon. It is becoming tiring to read about this because children do not know the importance of a Master Ball. All they see are fun colors. In my opinion (and this is only mine), it’s essential to be cautious when handing over your phone, especially if the child does not have any knowledge about Pokemon and its complexity. Even entrusting your device to someone your own age requires some surveillance, as not everyone understands the significance of certain in-game items.

If you have to allow someone to use your phone, it’s important to closely monitor their actions or, at the very least, provide clear instructions on what they can and cannot do. A simple heads-up like “Please don’t use the purple ball” could prevent unnecessary mishaps. Personally, I would think twice (and thrice) before giving access to a game I’ve invested so much time in, let alone giving a child unsupervised playtime.

It’s not about being unsympathetic to those who don’t mind their items being used; rather, it’s about frustration with those who let it happen without preventive measures and then publish a post where they blame their child (or an adult). These posts keep coming up, and they show that we should be more aware and responsible when sharing devices, even for a mere minute.

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