Samsung’s Galaxy S24 to Feature New On-Device AI ‘Samsung Gauss’

In what appears to be a significant technological stride, Samsung is gearing up to equip its upcoming Galaxy S24 phone with an in-house generative AI known as ‘Samsung Gauss.’ This initiative marks an important milestone for the tech giant, as reported by The Verge.

The name ‘Samsung Gauss’ pays homage to the eminent mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and represents a suite of AI capabilities that include image generation, language composition, and coding assistance. Developed by Samsung Research, the Gauss AI model is poised to boost productivity and offer a smarter user interface.

Korea Times reports that Samsung’s intention to embed Gauss into their mobile devices is not just about fancy features; it’s about enhancing the core functions of their smartphones starting in 2024. With parts of the Gauss AI able to run directly on the Galaxy S24, it may reduce the handset’s reliance on cloud-based services for certain tasks.

Samsung’s press release, as noted by The Verge, explains that Samsung Gauss Language will assist with composing emails, summarizing documents, and translating text. Moreover, it’s designed to bring a seamless experience to device control, a step beyond the capabilities of current models.

While the Galaxy S24 is getting a lot of attention for this integration, Samsung Gauss is also being used to enhance employee productivity within Samsung itself. Plans are in place to expand its use across various Samsung products, suggesting a future where Samsung’s AI could become a more ubiquitous presence in our digital lives.

Interestingly, Samsung has clarified that Gauss is not meant to compete with heavy-duty generative AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Instead, it aims to offer streamlined and efficient AI tools for everyday use, both in their smartphones and home appliances through the Bixby virtual assistant.

As the Galaxy S24’s expected announcement in early 2024 nears, the excitement for this AI integration grows. With Samsung Gauss, the company is not just upgrading its devices but is setting the stage for a more intuitive and intelligent digital ecosystem.

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