Trinity Fusion, a rogue action platformer, launching December 15

Imagine being in multidimensional battles, and trying to save the world by exiting from those battles victorious. Well, you shouldn’t imagine that anymore.

Angry Mob Games has officially announced that Trinity Fusion, their roguelite action platformer, is set to exit Early Access and launch on December 15 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

Trinity Fusion places players in the shoes of Maya, a cross-dimensional warrior psychically linked to her three parallel selves. Faced with the collapse of their worlds due to the threat of mutants and machines, players must strategically coordinate with Maya’s alternate identities to combat the enemy and merge their worlds to prevent timeline collapse.

Gamers can choose from three distinct versions of Maya, each equipped with unique weapon masteries and abilities. As they progress through procedurally-generated levels and hand-crafted stages, players will navigate hostile environments, including underground caves, fortified prisons, and barren wastelands, with the gameplay experience evolving based on individual routes.

Trinity Fusion will bring high-intensity combat with sophisticated weapon designs and attack systems, leveraging Angry Mob Games’ expertise in the fighting game genre. The game’s 3D graphics and dark sci-fi aesthetic create a world filled with hostile opponents and decayed futurescapes.

The narrative unfolds across three universes, each belonging to one of Maya’s parallel selves. These universes feature diverse biomes, from desolate wastelands and mutant-infested caverns to machine-ruled forges and laboratories, as well as dangerous sky cities in a post-human society.

Continuous progression is a key feature, allowing players to unlock permanent upgrades in The Citadel and discover new starting points for each run. This mechanic enables adaptive strategies, allowing players to overcome challenges by exploring different realities.

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