Wonder Woman Job Listing Hints at Live Service Adventure

A recent job listing for Monolith Productions’ upcoming Wonder Woman game hints at a possible live service element, as spotted by Wccftech, aligning with Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy to evolve major franchises into service games.

Monolith Productions posted a job listing for a ‘Lead Software Engineer, Gameplay’ for the Wonder Woman project, hinting at a game industry shift. The job listing, highlighted by Wccftech, is not the usual job ad but includes a subtle yet significant mention of a preference for applicants with experience in maintaining live software products or games, besides the typical requirements expected for a high-caliber game development role.

It is not sure whether Wonder Woman will adopt a live service model, but recent developments have sparked speculation. This is particularly notable given the recent statements of David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, who outlined ambitious plans to turn major gaming franchises like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, DC, and Mortal Kombat into billion-dollar live service games. These games are envisioned as more than just video games but as long-term, ongoing franchises.

Live service games offer an immersive experience beyond just playing a game. It involves living in a game’s world, an ever-changing and dynamic environment where the story unfolds over months and years rather than hours or days. For Wonder Woman, the game could feature an ongoing narrative where players’ actions and decisions directly affect the world around them. This presents an opportunity for players to interact with an iconic character unlike anything done before.

However, this approach is not without its challenges. Live service games demand constant updates, new content, and a level of engagement that can be daunting for developers and players alike. It’s a commitment to keep the game fresh, relevant, and engaging over time.

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