World of Warcraft Might Make the Leap to Consoles, Blizzard Exec Discusses Possibilities

For nearly two decades, World of Warcraft has been a defining force in the world of online gaming, keeping PC players hooked with its vast, fantastical realms and intricate gameplay. However, the winds of change are blowing through the halls of Blizzard Entertainment, bringing with them whispers of WoW’s potential expansion to console gaming.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar during BlizzCon 2023, Holly Longdale, vice president and executive producer of World of Warcraft, opened up about the ongoing discussions within Blizzard regarding WoW’s console debut. This conversation has taken on new shades of possibility following Microsoft Gaming’s acquisition of Blizzard, with fans and industry insiders speculating on what this means for the future of Azeroth’s adventures.

Longdale noted that the idea isn’t far-fetched, especially today. Modern consoles like the Xbox Series X boast the technological prowess to handle such a complex MMO, a stark contrast to the limited capabilities during WoW’s early days. The era when playing WoW on anything but a PC was a pipe dream is receding into the past.

The challenges of adapting WoW for a console audience aren’t lost on Blizzard. The play experience for console gamers is distinct from that of PC gamers, and Blizzard is mindful of the need to tailor WoW’s intricate mechanics to a new platform and potentially new player base.

While the focus for Blizzard remains on the upcoming Worldsoul Saga expansions, Longdale admits the prospect of bringing WoW to consoles is more than just idle chatter. It’s a topic that, since joining the ranks of Microsoft, has gained actual weight.

Interaction with Xbox Game Studios has been minimal since the acquisition, but the potential synergies, such as introducing WoW to the Game Pass lineup, are certainly on the horizon.

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