Animal Trail: Girlish Square Launching in Japan Next Year for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Finally, some good news coming from the gaming world.

Entergram is set to launch its romance visual novel, Animal Trail: Girlish Square, developed by Whirlpool, for PlayStation 4 and Switch on April 25, 2024, in Japan. Priced at 8,228 yen, the game will bring an immersive experience in the world of idol otaku culture.

For fans, a limited edition will be available at 12,078 yen, featuring exclusive extras like a B2 tapestry and an acrylic figure. This edition is a must-have for enthusiasts looking to enhance their collection.

Animal Trail: Girlish Square originally debuted on PC in Japan on October 29, 2021, and an English version, published by Sekai Project, hit Steam on August 12, 2022. The game revolves around Nakamori Taiga, an idol otaku working in Akiba, whose devotion to the indie idol group, Animal Trail: Girlish Square, takes a magical turn.

With captivating art by Shiromochi Sakura, the visual novel introduces magical girl idols adorned with animal ears, adding a unique twist to the narrative. Authored by Oumiya Yuu (NEKO-NIN, DraPri), the game will have a compelling story, full Japanese voice acting (excluding the MC), and a kinetic visual novel format with a single ending. Players can relish their favorite moments in the gallery, featuring beautiful CGs and captivating in-game music tracks, while also having the ability to bookmark specific voice lines.

Well, I am a fan of this.

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