Google’s Top 10 Searched Games of 2023 Revealed

Google’s search data for 2023 shows a diverse range of popular video games being searched for on the most famous and prestige search engine. You will be amazed once you read the top 10 most searched games on Google.

Leading the list is Hogwarts Legacy, a magical adventure into the world of Harry Potter. The Last of Us follows, continuing to draw players with its compelling story.

Connections takes third place, indicating its growing appeal, while Battlegrounds Mobile India ranks fourth. Bethesda’s Starfield secures the fifth spot, promising an epic space journey.

At number six is Baldur’s Gate 3, a testament to the enduring love for RPGs. The mysterious Suika Game comes in at seventh, intriguing gamers globally. Diablo IV captures the eighth spot with its dark fantasy world.

The 9th place belongs to Atomic Heart, known for its unique dystopian setting. Finally, Sons of the Forest rounds out the list, emphasizing the popularity of survival games.

Most Googled Games for 2023

Rank Game Title
1 Hogwarts Legacy
2 The Last of Us
3 Connections
4 Battlegrounds Mobile India
5 Starfield
6 Baldur’s Gate 3
7 Suika Game
8 Diablo IV
9 Atomic Heart
10 Sons of the Forest


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