Microsoft Rewards Implements 15-Minute Cooldown for Points Earning

Microsoft Rewards seems to have changed its points accrual system, particularly impacting users in the United States and the United Kingdom. The new system imposes a 15-minute cooldown after every three searches, drastically reducing the rate points can be earned.

This update has caused considerable frustration among users, as evidenced by the discussions on Reddit. Previously, the cooldown was just 6 seconds, allowing users to accumulate points more rapidly. With this new change, users can only earn 9 points every quarter-hour, or 36 points per hour, requiring a substantial time investment for relatively few points.

Many users have expressed their disappointment and concern over this change. The lack of prior notification or information about the new cooldown policy has added to the frustration. The impact is not limited to PC searches but also affects mobile searches, and users can no longer conduct searches on both platforms simultaneously. This limitation further hampers the ability to earn points efficiently.

The reaction to this change has been overwhelmingly negative. Users are considering abandoning the Microsoft Rewards program, as the new system demands a considerable amount of time for a minimal reward. Some users have noted that they are just waiting to cash out their existing points before discontinuing their participation in the program.

This situation reflects a broader trend of changes in loyalty and rewards programs, where companies adjust the terms, often to the detriment of the users. It raises questions about the value these programs offer and their effectiveness in maintaining user engagement and loyalty.

As this news develops, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft responds to user feedback and whether any adjustments are made to the new policy. What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced similar changes?

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