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SCUM’s Latest Update “The Horde” Brings Exciting New Features

v0.95 is here to save the game!

Jagex and Gamepires have released a game-changing update for their multiplayer survival game SCUM. Titled The Horde, update 0.95 introduces a plethora of new features and enhancements.

New Features and Exciting Additions

  • New Puppet Hordes and Threat Zones The game’s enemy spawning system has been overhauled. Players will now encounter different threat zones – low, medium, and high – each offering unique challenges and rewards.
  • Crafting Rework and Survival Manual Crafting has been revamped for a more user-friendly experience. Additionally, the new Survival Codex acts as an in-game database, offering crucial information for thriving in SCUM’s world.
  • Improved Tutorial System Both new and returning players will benefit from an enhanced tutorial system, including Survival Tips that appear during gameplay to offer context-specific advice.

Enhanced Armory and Mobility

  • Return of the Fan-Favourite Modular Pickup: A highlight of this update is the return of the popular Pickup truck, offering improved mobility across SCUM’s rugged terrain.
  • New Weaponry: Players can now wield the Improvised Flamethrower for fiery destruction or opt for the precision of the modern SCAR-L. A new .45 ACP Suppressor and the PU Scope for the Mosin rifle are also introduced, expanding the arsenal for different combat strategies.

Performance Optimizations

  • Nvidia DLSS and Frame Generation: The update includes the latest Nvidia DLSS version and frame generation support for the Nvidia 4xxx series, promising smoother and more visually stunning gameplay.

Additional Content

  • Male Hair Deluxe DLC and Dance Pack DLC: These new DLCs, each priced at $6.99/£5.89/€6.89, offer players more customization options, from fresh hairstyles to new dance moves.
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