Epic Games Store Reveals Next Free Title

Epic Games Store continues to surprise gamers with its enticing offers, unveiling that Doors: Paradox will be the next free title on its PC platform. From February 1-8, players can immerse themselves in this engaging puzzle escape game, crafted by Big Loop Studios and Snapbreak Games.

Described as a serene puzzle experience, Doors: Paradox invites players to navigate through intricate 3D dioramas, where the discovery of valuable items, uncovering of hidden clues, and solving intriguing puzzles unravel a mysterious narrative filled with elements of chaos, order, and the surreal.

This intriguing title is set to replace the current free offering, Infinifactory, a sandbox puzzle adventure developed by Zachtronics, renowned for creating SpaceChem and Infiniminer. In Infinifactory, players construct complex factories to manufacture products for alien overlords while striving to avoid fatal mishaps. This game is free until February 1, offering a unique blend of strategy and problem-solving.

In related news, Harmonix has recently concluded an eight-year streak of weekly DLC updates for Rock Band 4. Despite this change, all other live services for the game will persist without interruption, ensuring that fans can continue to enjoy their rock and roll experience.

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