Palworld Fan Handmakes Depresso Plush

A hardcore Palworld fan went all out and crocheted a cute plush of our beloved Pal, Depresso. Palworld, as you know, has its charm, but one of the big draws is the fantastic collection of Pals. These little buddies not only keep you company but also lend a hand in battles and various base tasks. There are a total of 137 Pals available in the game, and players want to catch ’em all.

Now, speaking of Pals, there’s one that’s got everyone talking, Depresso. Picture a Pal with a permanent grumpy face, a bit like a cat, and you’ve got Depresso. Fans are crazy about this Pal. They admire how Deprosse does its job, and trust me, watching it mining is the funniest thing around.

Depresso is It’s a night owl, so you’ll find it hanging around in the evenings for those who aren’t early to bed. And get this, its special skill involves energy drinks for a speed boost. Depresso may seem grumpy, but the Paldeck claims that this Pal is a kind-hearted soul. It’s been seen feeding other lost Pals, believe it or not.

A player out there felt such a strong connection to Depresso that they decided to create a plush version of it. EyupBeautiful, that’s their name, came up with an original pattern and crafted an adorable Depresso plush. It’s got the face, eyes, and a tiny coffee cup as a nod to the caffeine-loving Pal’s unique skill.

I relate to Depresso on a cellular level… So I made him.
byu/EyupBeautiful inPalworld

This was EyupBeautiful’s very first plush made from a custom pattern, and we have to say they did a great job.

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