Palworld list of Pals that look like Pokémon

A lot of commotion happened over the last few days, and it is kind of interesting how things can be so similar, yet so different.

Palworld, a new game that came into the gaming community on January 19, 2024, has caused quite the chaos with the Pals that are similar to the monsters we all know and love Pokémon.

Some Pals are not the same, but looking at some of them, and comparing them to Pokémon, we have to say, they are the same. Well, we thought that we could share our comparisons with you, and see if you agree with us.

First off, Lamball in Palworld is Wooloo in Pokémon GO. Pengullet is actually Piplup, and Mozzarina is Miltank. When it comes to our personal favorite Pokémon, Eevee, there is a Pal named Vixy, which all say to be the equivalent of Eevee. Sylveon is also present in Palworld, but it is called Ribbuny. Robinquill is humanoid Decidueye, while Dinossom is Meganium with a few features of Goodra.

Pals similar to Pokémon

  • Lamball – Wooloo
  • Lifmunk – Pachirusu, with Leafeon’s color scheme
  • Foxsparks – Vulpix
  • Fuack – Quaxly/ Ducklett
  • Pengullet – Piplup
  • Killamari – Inkay
  • Direhowl – Lycanroc
  • Incineram – a Incineroar and Houndoom cross-over
  • Beegarde – Combee
  • Elizabee – Vespiquen
  • Grintale – Galarian Meowth

While Palworld is great and we are open to trying it, Pokémon GO is the pioneer of it all. Nothing is like this game, even if many try to “copy” the whole concept of Pocket Monsters and the adventures with them.

What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments below.

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