Palworld Pokemon Mod, Ash Battles Jessie and Electabuzz, While Pikachu is Mining

Update: Trainers, the video has now been removed, and it seems this mod will no longer be available. Nintendo is on the hunt, so don’t wait for a new video today.

Previous Story: An Australian YouTuber got the attention of all Pokemon and Palworld fans by sharing a very interesting video on X. The video shows a mod in Palworld that introduces Pokemon into the game instead of Pals, and it’s quickly become a hit. The video is viral, so I guess it’s safe to say this is what most Pokemon fans want in the games.

In the short Palworld Pokemon mod trailer, viewers can see a very familiar scene. Ash Ketchum is woken up by Pikachu, alongside Torchic and Wooloo on the beach. But instead of a typical Pokemon adventure, Ash sets out on a mission in the Palworld. He uses Pokemon as mounts for traveling and has Pikachus for mining. What’s cool is that the Pikachus don’t mind mining at all.

In the Pokeworld Pokemon mod, Ash Ketchum uses an axe, not just as a tool but as a weapon. His friend Misty is on a different level. Misty holds a shotgun, so it looks like some Pokemon characters may use a different type of weapon.

One of the trailer’s highlights is the battle scene where Ash faces off against Jessie and Electabuzz. However, the video cuts off before the battle ends, which means we have to wait and watch the entire video tomorrow. The YouTuber, known as Toasted, has promised to release the full video tomorrow,

Stay tuned for the full video, as this looks epic.

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