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Pokémon GO Raging Battles Inner Focus and Vital Spirit Collection Challenges

Trainers, the Raging Battles event is happening now in some regions, and with its start, new Collection Challenges have become available in Pokémon GO.

Running from January 19 at 10 AM to January 24 at 8 PM in 2024, this event has plenty to offer. There’s the new Pokémon Annihilape, exclusive event bonuses, many Shiny Pokémon, fresh Field Research tasks, and Collection Challenges. The event also features new Timed Research, but you’ll need a ticket to access it.

Annihilape is a major highlight. To get this Pokémon, you must win battles against 30 Ghost or Psychic types with Primeape as your Buddy.

Complete the Collection Challenges to earn three Fast TMs, three Charged TMs, and some Stardust.

Raging Battles Collection Challenges Pokémon GO

Inner Focus Collection Challenge

  • Catch Mankey
  • Catch Scraggy
  • Catch Lickitung
  • Catch Throh
  • Evolve Mankey into Primeape
  • Rewards: 2 Rare Candy, Elite Charged TM. Ingo Hat (Avatar items)

Vital Spirit Collection Challenge

  • Catch Mankey
  • Catch Sableye
  • Catch Gligar
  • Catch Sawk
  • Evolve Mankey into Primeape
  • Rewards: 3 Fast TM. and 3000 Stardust

Good luck on your journey players, and let’s catch ’em all.

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