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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC 3.0.0 Unlimited Item Duplicate Glitch

Fellow Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players, we have some news for you, and we promise you are going to love it.

You know, we all got the latest version of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC, which is 3.0.0. Well, something has happened, and a glitch has appeared, where players can duplicate any held item and cloning of your Pokemon.

A YouTuber and content creator who happens to be a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player, decided to help out the community by sharing through a video on how to get the maximum out of this glitch before it gets resolved.

First off, you should place Ditto in the first position, while you keep the Pokemon you want to duplicate (include its held item) in the second position. Next thing you should do is modify Ditto’s moveset using Kyum Kyum Black, and the move that you need is Struggle.

Now, go to the Savannah Biome in Indigo Disc Edition, and lure Smeargle to a specific spot between a tree and three patches of grass in the northwestern section. Face North, and encounter him in a battle, where you will use Ditto to transform. Smeargle then should sketch Transform and then, you should switch to the Pokemon you want to duplicate and use Imprison to limit available moves. Once you got that secured, run away from the battle.

If Smeargle does a U-turn during the run-away animation, then you know that you have successfully done the glitch. After this, you can farm items by encoutering and battling Smeargle over and over again. If you want to go another step further, you can always teach Trick to another Pokemon and use it to steal items from the cloned Pokemon.

Keep in mind that if you save and reset the game, you will not save your progress. Instead, keep the game on.

Last but not least, catching cloned Pokemon may result in illegitimate creatures because of the incorrect location data. Beware of that.

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