Steam Valve Greenlights AI-Utilizing Games with Mandatory AI Disclosure, Restricts Live-Generated Adult Content

Steam, a leading digital distribution platform, has recently updated its policy on games that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This change comes as Steam aims to better understand the fast-evolving and legally complex world of AI, especially considering its global reach. After months of learning and discussions with game developers, Steam is now adjusting its approach to allow the release of most games that utilize AI.

Developers submitting games to Steam will encounter an updated Content Survey. This survey now requires a new AI disclosure section, where developers must describe how AI is used in their game’s development and execution. The usage of AI in games is broadly divided into two categories: Pre-Generated and Live-Generated. Pre-Generated refers to content like art, code, or sound created with AI tools during development.

Developers must ensure this content adheres to legal standards and matches their marketing materials. Live-Generated content, produced with AI tools while the game is running, must follow similar rules with additional safeguards against illegal content generation.

Valve will use these disclosures in reviewing games before release and will also share much of this information on the game’s Steam store page, helping customers understand how the game uses AI.

Additionally, Steam is launching a new system enabling players to report illegal content in games with Live-Generated AI content. This reporting can be done through an in-game overlay, ensuring that AI-generated content adheres to legal and ethical standards.

These updates stem from Steam’s efforts to better grasp AI’s role in gaming, engaging with both AI-using developers and AI tool creators. However, there is an exception. Steam cannot currently release games with Adult Only Sexual Content created by Live-Generated AI.

Steam acknowledges that this process took time and may have complicated decision-making for some developers. They emphasize their commitment to not rush into decisions in such a complex area. As Steam continues to learn from new AI-driven games and legal advancements, they remain open to revisiting these decisions as necessary.

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