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The Division 2 TU20 PTS Phase 2 Patch Notes

The Division 2’s TU20 PTS Phase 2 update has exciting new features and improvements. This update introduces Project Resolve, new gear and weapons, balancing changes, and improvements to the game’s overall performance and quality. Sadly, this is only a PTS (Public Test Realm), so we’ll need some time before these changes hit the live servers.

Either way, players can preload the contents and join the live action once it becomes available on the PTS. Without further ado, below you can find the patch notes for Title Update 20.



Size without PTS build on Connect: ~ 94 GB

Size if PTS build already is on Connect ~ 12.62 GB


Friday, January 19th, at 1:00 PM CET, 7:00 AM ET, 4:00 AM PT


Monday, January 22, at 1:00 PM CET, 7:00 AM ET, 4:00 AM PT


Palisade Steelworks – Brand Set

  • 1 Piece equipped gives +10% Armor on Kill
  • 2 Pieces equipped give +60% Health
  • 3 Pieces equipped +1 Skill Tier
  • Named Chest and Backpack:
    • Named Chest “Combustor” – Talent “Perfectly Explosive Delivery”
      • Whenever you throw a Skill, 1.5 seconds after landing, it creates an explosion damaging enemies within 5m. Afterwards, explosions will occur every 5 seconds.
      • Damage scales with Skill Tier dealing 25-100% damage of a Concussion Grenade.
      • Applies to Remote Pulse, all Turrets, all Hives, Explosive Seeker, Cluster Seeker, Mender Seeker, Decoy, all Traps.
    • Named Backpack “Proxy” – Talent “Perfectly Tamper Proof”
      • Enemies that walk within 3 meters of your Hive, Turret, Remote Pulse or Decoy are shocked.
      • Arm time: 2 seconds. Cooldown per Skill: 8 seconds.

Aegis – Gear Set

  • 2 Pieces equipped give +70 Health
  • 3 Pieces equipped give +15% Total Armor
  • 4 Pieces equipped unlock a new unique Talent:
    • Talent “Stoic”
      • Get +3% Damage Resistance for every enemy that is targeting you.
      • The bonus is multiplied by 1.X, where X is the number of agents in your group.
  • Chest and Backpack Talents:
    • Chest Bonus – Talent “Deceit”
      • Enemies targeting your Decoy also count towards the Stoic Damage Reduction bonus.
    • Backpack Bonus – Talent “Polyethylene Plating”
      • Increase Stoic Damage Resistance bonus from 3% to 4%.

Rugged Gauntlets – Exotic Gloves

  • Talent “Iron Grip”
    • -50% Recoil Penalty when hip-firing.
    • -50% Recoil Penalty when blind-firing from cover.



Vindicator – Exotic Rifle

  • Talent “Ortiz Assault Interface”
    • While scoped, the weapon will highlight a random body section of each enemy.
    • The weapon deals +75% Weapon Damage to highlighted body sections.
  • Weapon Stats and Mods
    • Magazine Mod: +5 Magazine Size
    • Muzzle Mod: +10% Optimal Range
    • Underbarrel Mod: +15% Weapon Stability
    • Optics Rail: +15% Weapon Accuracy

Mosquito – Exotic Pistol

  • Talent “Mosquito Song”
    • Hitting an enemy applies a stack. Stacks are shared between players. At 10 stacks, the enemy will forcefully target the last player to apply a stack for 5s. Stacks deplete every 5s.
    • Activating the effect on an enemy will remove all stacks from other enemies.
  • Weapon Stats and Mods
    • Magazine Mod: +15% Reload Speed
    • Muzzle Mod: +15% Weapon Accuracy


Behind You – Weapon Talent

  • Deal 40% Weapon Damage to enemies that are not targeting you.

Marksman Rifle “Brutus” – M700 Carbon

  • Talent “Perfectly Behind You”
    • Deal 60% Weapon Damage to enemies that are not targeting you.

Rifle “Whisper” – M16A2

  • Talent “Perfectly Behind You”
    • Deal 60% Weapon Damage to enemies that are not targeting you.




  • Removed turrets from Conflict Spawn Points


  • Going Rogue in a normal Dark Zone now has a 3 second activation timer (activation time for invaded DZ remains 0.75 as before)


  • Doctor Home – changed proc condition back to “target killed” (from “target headshot”)
  • [PvP Only] Fireworks Show (Festive Delivery) – Concussion Grenades become Festive Grenades. Hitting an enemy with a Festive Grenade will cause explosions to happen around two other enemies within 10m, dealing 15% damage. [update from 18.01]
    • Previously: Concussion Grenades become Festive Grenades. Hitting an enemy with a Festive Grenade will cause explosions to happen around two other enemies within 20m.
  • Unbreakable – talent change reverted back to 50% (55%) Armor Repaired (PvP)
  • System Corruption – 4 piece bonus changed to +2% bonus damage (from +1%).
  • Intimidate – each stack increases total weapon damage by +4% damage (from +5%).


Note: The list below includes the changes from Phase 1 of the TU20PTS and updates made after feedback review.

  • All Exotic Weapons’ third attribute will be reconfigurable.
  • The Carbine 7 and Stoner LAMG will no longer drop with a preset talent.

Assault Rifles

  • ACR, ACR-E: +10% Weapon Damage
  • AK-M, Military AK-M, Black Market AK-M, Black Market AK-M Replica, Manic: +8% Weapon Damage [update from 18.01]
  • AUG A3-CQC, Invisible Hand, The Bighorn: +10% Weapon Damage
  • CTAR-21, The Railsplitter: +10 Mag Size
  • F2000, F2000 Replica, Shield Splinterer: +50 RPM, +10 Mag Size
  • FAL, FAL SA-58, FAL SA-58 Para, FAL SA-58 Para Replica: +5% Weapon Damage
  • Military G36, G36 C, G36 C Enhanced, G36 C Enhanced Replica, Born Great: +50 RPM
  • Honey Badger, Savage Wolverine: +5 Mag Size
  • Mk16, SOCOM Mk16, Tactical Mk16, Tactical Mk16 Replica: +10% Weapon Damage
  • Military P416, Custom P416 G3, Glory Daze, Eagle Bearer: +50 RPM
  • PDR, Test Subject, Capacitor: +10% Weapon Damage


  • Stoner LAMG, Quiet Roar: +20% Weapon Damage
  • Bluescreen: +10% Weapon Damage
  • Military L86 LSW, Custom L86 A2, Custom L86 A2 Replica, Tabula Rasa: +20% Weapon Damage
  • HK GR9, Dare: +20% Weapon Damage
  • M249 B, Tactical M249 Para, Military Mk46, Military Mk46 Replica, Black Friday, The Stinger: +20% Weapon Damage
  • Classic M60, Military M60 E4, Black Market M60 E4, Classic M60 Replica, Black Market M60 E6 Replica, Good Times: +20% Weapon Damage
  • MG5, Infantry MG5, Infantry MG5 Replica, Big Show, Sleipner: +20% Weapon Damage
  • Iron Lung: +10% Weapon Damage
  • IWI NEGEV, Carnage, Bullet King: +20% Weapon Damage
  • Classic RPK-74, Military RPK-74, Black Market RPK-74, Black Market RPK-74 Replica, New Reliable: +20% Weapon Damage


  • AUG A3 Para XS, Enhanced AUG A3P, Tactical AUG A3P, Tactical AUG A3P Replica: +10% Weapon Damage, +25 RPM
  • CMMG Banshee, The Grudge: +5% Weapon Damage, +50 RPM
  • MP5 ST, MP5 ST Replica, MP5A2, MP5-N, Cabaret: +6 Mag Size
  • MP7, Swap Chain: +5% Weapon Damage, +50 RPM
  • Police T821, Black Market T821, Black Market T821 Replica: +10% Weapon Damage
  • Converted SMG-9, Converted SMG-9 A1, Converted SMG-9 Replica: +50 RPM
  • M1928, Tommy Gun, The Sleigher, Grown Great: +10% Weapon Damage
  • Police UMP-45, Tactical UMP-45, Tactical UMP-45 Replica: +10% Weapon Damage


  • ACR SS: +10% Weapon Damage
  • Ruthless, Merciless: +10% Weapon Damage
  • UIC15 MOD2: +30% Weapon Damage
  • M16A2, M16A2 Replica, Whisper: +30% Weapon Damage
  • MDR Battle Rifle, MDR Battle Rifle Replica, Vindicator: +10% Weapon Damage, +20 RPM
  • Military Mk17, Police Mk17, Police Mk17 Replica, Everlasting Glaze: +25% Weapon Damage
  • SIG 716, SIG 716 Replica, SIG 716 CQB, Artist’s Tool: +25% Weapon Damage
  • Ravenous: +10% Weapon Damage
  • USC .45 ACP, USC .45 ACP Replica: +10% Weapon Damage
  • Resolute Mk47, Harmony: +20% Weapon Damage

Marksman Rifles

  • M700 Carbon, M700 Carbon Replica, Brutus, M700 Tactical: +17% Weapon Damage, +8 Optimal Range [update from 18.01]
  • Model 700, Model 700 Replica, Ekim’s Long Stick: +25% Weapon Damage, +8 Optimal Range
  • Covert SRS, SRS A1, SRS A1 Replica, Pinprick: +30% Weapon Damage
  • Mantis: +15% Weapon Damage
  • SR-1, SR-1 Replica, Adresia SR-1, Designated Hitter: +30% Weapon Damage
  • Paratrooper SVD, Surplus SVD, Commando, Dread Edict: +15% Weapon Damage
  • Tactical .308, Scalpel: +20 RPM, +8 Optimal Range


Note: The images below depicting Gear Balancing show the overall changes implemented. They include the changes from Phase 1 of the TU20PTS and updates made after feedback review.





  • Yaahl Gear
  • Airaldi Holdings
  • Providence Defense
  • Sokolov Concern



Note: The Recalibration Station has been reworked, receiving a streamlined flow, UI changes and a new name: Tinker Station.

Mobile Tinkering

  • The functionalities of the Tinker Station can also be accessed on the go from the Inventory, in two ways:
    • By pressing [M] while nothing is highlighted, the player will enter the general Tinkering Menu.
    • By pressing [M] while a specific item is selected, it will allow the player to make Tinkering operations directly on the highlighted item.


  • No changes made following TU20 PTS Phase 1. It can be accessed from the Mobile Tinkering Menu.

Recalibration and Optimization

  • Merged both functions into one tab: Tinker
  • Optimization can no longer be done up to a value higher than the value stored in the player’s Recalibration Library.
  • Optimization upgrade steps changed: the player will no longer pay the full price for an incomplete optimization step.
    • Example: The user has +10% SMG Damage in the Library and is trying to optimize an SMG that currently has +9.7% SMG Damage. Since the highest value in the player’s library is +10%, they will only be able to upgrade by +0.3%, and will only pay the material price for the 0.3% portion instead of paying the full price of an upgrade step.

Recalibration Library

  • No changes made following TU20 PT Phase 1.
  • It has received UI improvements and can be accessed from the Mobile Tinkering Menu.


  • When joining another player’s session, the player joining now has a 1 minute grace period before the combat gear lock applies.
  • Gear lock no longer in effect in Shooting Range.
  • The player can now swap between concussion grenades and the current specialization grenades while in combat.
  • Rogue players in Dark Zone are no longer always gear locked, but the combat gear lock still applies.
    • This means that Rogue players in the Dark Zone will be gear locked during combat, as opposed to PTS1, when the lock was applied for the whole duration of the Rogue status.


  • Added Descent Outfits in the NSA Store – all 4 different color variants.
  • Added “Vindicator” Exotic in the NSA store.
  • Descent Talents Pool rotation now has its own menu where the current rotation and available talents can be checked.
  • The button prompt for the menu can be found within the Descent entrance AR window.
  • The duration of the rotation and its name is now also displayed.


  • Daily Project
    • The rewards list now also includes 1 Exotic Component.
  • Weekly Project
    • Rewards list now also includes 3 Exotic Components.
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