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Assassin’s Creed Mirage update 1.0.7 introduces permadeath, patch notes and more

Ubisoft has officially rolled out the latest update for Assassin’s Creed Mirage, 1.0.7, across all platforms. As of February 20, players are treated to many new features, improvements, and the much-anticipated permadeath mode, enriching the gameplay with fresh challenges and rewards.

The update weighs in at 4.85GB on PC and introduces the Full Synchronization Challenge, which presents a permadeath mechanic to the game. When activated, players must navigate the game with the utmost caution. Basim’s death or committing illegal actions will result in desynchronization from the animus and permanent deletion of the saved file.

The update also teases the addition of a surprise easter egg, a special assassin roaming the streets of the game’s world. This mysterious figure invites players to explore and discover new secrets hidden within the game’s expansive environment.

For the full patch notes, check below.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Patch 1.0.7 Release Notes



  • You can enable the Full Synchronization Challenge when starting a new game from the title screen.
  • Full Synchronization Challenge cannot be enabled or disabled when the game has started.
  • Cross-progression AND Cloud saves will be disabled when starting permadeath.


  • Unlock an emblem when you complete the game in easy mode.
  • Unlock the emblem and Rayhan costume in normal mode.
  • Unlock all the above and 6 new dyes for existing outfits (Initiate, Zanj Uprising, Abbasid Knight, Hidden Ones, Rostam, Bayek) when completed in hard. (Please note; dyes can only be applied to these specific outfits).


Added a new feature where players can now wear any costume they own as an outfit (Transmog).


We added a surprise easter egg to the world, a new special assassin that you might meet purrusing the streets. Be sure to snap a photo if you meownage to find them!



  • Fixed visual issues on Basim’s right arm when the player equipped the Bayek outfit or costume.
  • Fixed an issue in the store where the sword preview models contained in packs could disappear in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue on XBOX where if a player changed their control mapping and restarted their game, the control mapping would revert to the default settings.
  • Multiple stability improvements.
  • Players will now correctly receive the upgrade schematics for the Bayek outfit when starting their first New Game Plus walkthrough.


  • Fixed a bug where the “interact” prompt showed for any historical codex entry in New Game Plus when they were previously collected in their first walkthrough.
  • Players can now interact with Al-Jahiz if the New Game Plus walkthrough was started with the “skip prologue” option.


  • Fixed a bug where news pop ups would appear during active gameplay. News pop-ups are now only displayed once on the title screen upon launching the game.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming ALT+ENTER would launch the game in windowed mode on Amazon Luna.
  • Fixed a physics issue when jumping with the Roshan costumes.
  • Reward notifications now appear correctly after finishing the main quest and coming back to Baghdad during a New Game Plus walkthrough.
  • Adjusted the hidden blade position whilst player is equipping the Bayek outfit or costume.


  • Music will now consistently play whilst switching tabs in the codex.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of the game would be louder than what was set in the options menu for a fraction of seconds when starting the game.
  • Outfit sound effects will now play correctly when equipping costumes on top of an outfit.
  • Music now properly plays whilst on the inventory menu.


  • Enemies ringing the alarm bell are now correctly affected by smoke bombs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Smoke Bomb Tier 2 upgrade “Choking Fumes” wouldn’t do damage during the extended range of time of the Smoke Bomb tier 1 upgrade “Extended Range”.
  • Update to game credits.
  • Fixed some lighting issues.
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