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Datamined Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Logo Gives Us Hawaiian Vibes

Trainers, now that all the big events are over, we can start speculating about the next big event, Pokemon Go Fest 2024.

Pokemon Go Fest is the biggest event of the year, happening in multiple locations around the world, live, which is followed by a global event in which every Pokemon Go player can participate without the need to travel. This event offers a live, and global, free, and paid experience, so everyone can participate and give it a try.

The best stuff is always locked behind a paywall, so most players end up getting tickets for the event. Let’s not forget about the add-ons as well.

You don’t want to miss an exclusive Pokemon, right?!

Pokemon Go Fests are the most attended events and offer many new things, starting from new Pokemon, Special Research quests, and many bonuses, to special surprises.

There is a lot of speculation about where this year’s Go Fest could be. In our opinion, Hawaii would be a great place, plus the 2024 Pokemon World Championships will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

If we look at the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 logo, which was dug up from the GM files, we can see water, a sunset, and some interesting clouds, the glow from the water, and the sky.

The logo somehow gives us a Hawaiian vibe, but we could be wrong.

We would love to see where Go Fest 2024 will be, and what will be happening during the event.

One thing is for sure, Arceus will be making his Pokemon Go debut, and trust me it won’t be for free. Looks like we’ll still have to buy a ticket to this year’s Go Fest.

What are your expectations? What do you think we will see during Go Fest 2024?

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