Elden Ring’s latest expansion reveals vast new realm and over ten unique boss battles

FromSoftware’s first paid expansion for Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree, sets the stage for an epic continuation of the narrative. The expansion, which will be available across Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC platforms, promises to transport players to the enigmatic Land of Shadow, a realm veiled by the Erdtree and marked by the footsteps of Marika, the game’s deity. This new chapter is an evolution of the Elden Ring world, featuring Miquella, Malenia’s sibling, and introducing players to a landscape scarred by an “unsung battle” yet rich with opportunities for exploration and combat.

As confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki to Eurogamer, the president of FromSoftware, the Land of Shadow is not just another addition to the game’s already vast world. It is an entirely new map, structured similarly to The Lands Between, yet distinct with its own Legacy Dungeons and a size surpassing Limgrave’s surface area. The ambition behind this expansion is evident in Miyazaki’s approach to level design, aiming for a denser, richer experience that integrates large open areas with the intricate layouts of Legacy Dungeons.

One of the most thrilling aspects of any FromSoftware game is the boss fights, and Shadow of the Erdtree will elevate this excitement with over ten new boss encounters. Among the notable mentions are a giant with a flaming basket head and the mysterious Messmer the Impaler, hinting at the diverse and imaginative challenges in waiting. These bosses are not just obstacles but are woven into the lore of the Land of Shadow, each telling a part of the story of this cursed land and its inhabitants.

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