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Hell Let Loose Patch 14.7 provides Fixes and Gameplay improvements

The latest patch for H*** Let Loose, 14.7, is officially out across all platforms. This update focuses on fixing bugs and other issues but also resolves crash issues that have been happening on consoles.

The developers have also announced that Patch 14.8 is coming soon. This upcoming update promises to be bigger, bringing in more content.

As for the patch 14.7, you can find the patch notes below:

H*** Let Loose Patch 14.7 Notes

Patch 14.7 is Now Live!

Hello everyone,

Patch 14.7 is now live on all platforms! This update is primarily focused on bug fixing and enhancing the in-game experience. This version also targets some of the crash issues that console players have been incurring.

Up next is Patch 14.8 – a larger, content-heavy update that we’ll expand on in Dev Briefs soon.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Mortain PTE. The feedback has been invaluable, and we will be detailing what’s changed in the weeks ahead.


  • [Fixed] When disconnecting controller, players cannot use the mouse to clear the “Controller Disconnected” prompt
  • [Fixed] Lost Connection to Host dialog box cannot be navigated with controller
  • [Fixed] Focus is lost from the “Accept Invite?” prompt when spamming “request permission to join a unit”
  • [Fixed] When launching the title in Offline mode a softlock is occurring on the IIS screen
  • [Fixed] The DAK – Uniform is clipping with Erich’s head in game and in barracks
  • [Fixed] The Churchill Mk III presents extended invisible collision when attempting to place a satchel on the front of the tank.
  • [Fixed] There is no Chat page in the Communication tab of the Field Manual
  • [Fixed] Relaunching the game will reset multiple Gameplay settings to default
  • [Fixed] The title does not render text in the Basic Training menu when the device is localized to Japanese.
  • [Fixed] Player is unable to join some servers due to an error that occurs when a large number of servers are displayed at once
  • [Fixed] Player is unable to join some servers due to a Game is Full message despite multiple empty slots being present
  • [Fixed] Disconnecting on the Enlist menu, backing out and then re-accessing the menu will occasionally cause a crash.
  • [Fixed] [Console] The player encounters a crash when suspending the application during the bootflow
  • [Fixed] [Console] The title sometimes crashes when attempting to join the server in Warfare & Offensive mode


  • [Fixed] [B5] Burned wood asset has a metal PFX when being shot
  • [Fixed] Brick stove asset presents wooden PFX and SFX when being shot
  • [Fixed] [B5] Players can clip inside the terrain in sector B5
  • [Fixed] [H8] The terrain in sector H8 has no player collision
  • [Fixed] [F8] Players are able to clip inside a part of the terrain found in sector F8
  • [Fixed] [E5] A specific mudbank is missing player collision in sector E5
  • [Fixed] [D4] Players are able to clip inside a part of the terrain found in sector D4
  • [Fixed] [I4] The player can clip through the terrain in sector I4

Hill 400

  • [Fixed] [F6] Mud SFX can be heard while walking inside the bunker

Hürtgen Forest

  • [Fixed] No footsteps SFX can be heard inside bunkers

Utah Beach

  • [Fixed] No footsteps SFX can be heard inside bunkers


  • [Fixed] Mudbanks have slush/water sound effect when the player is walking/sprinting


  • [Fixed] [C2] Invisible collision present on one side of the bridge

Purple Heart Lane

  • [Fixed] When quickly turning around, the rain effect on PHL will briefly disappear and will then slowly come back in.
  • [Fixed] Rain effects in PHL cannot be seen when shadow quality is set to High or lower.
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