Sweet Transit 1.0 launching on Steam April 22

Something sweet is coming our way in a few days, and I am pleased to inform you that the something sweet is called Sweet Transit 1.0.

As it is officially announced by Ernestas Norvaišas and Team17 Digital, they are going to launch their strategic city builder named Sweet Transit 1.0 on Steam, out of Early Access. The official launch date of the game is April 22, 2024, and it will also be available on the Epic Games Store.

When talking about Sweet Transit 1.0, I have to mention that the game will have system automation, city building, as well as the potential for players to craft a rail network for the settlements that will be available in Sweet Transit.

Sweet Transit 1.0 is going to have new Civic Buildings, Production Chains, newspaper stories, a whole new population and a collection of quality of life changes. However, let’s not forget that every update, besides bringing new content, it’s purpose is to provide bug fixes.

What are the key features of the game? Well, there are a lot, I have to say.

Sweet Transit 1.0 Key Features

  • Systems-led city builder: Starting with a single warehouse, build a thriving interconnected world of villages and cities as you expand your rail network and evolve your society.
  • Customisable rail network: Construct platforms and stations linked by intricate railway routes to help connect settlements and ensure a painless transit for both workers and civilians.
  • Evolve your Industry: From steam to diesel, and beyond, play through distinct eras of the railway and plan the most economical expansions using the technology at your disposal.
  • Be a person of the people: Keep a close eye on your citizens and ensure their needs are met as you expand your routes and scale up your settlements.
  • Full modding support: Create custom content via Steam Workshop, including structures, locomotives, in-game rules, progression markers, and graphics.

The brilliant minds of Ernestas Norvaišas and Team17 Digital have created this masterpiece, and I hope that you will have the chance to experience the excitement of Sweet Transit 1.0.

Take a look at the teaser trailer below.

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